Chapter 500: Elder Zhou Trying to Set Up (Part One)

Zhou Zheng was hung up on.

Seeing his face, his subordinates knew he got scolded.

This scolding actually wronged Zhou Zheng quite a bit. The old man hadn’t gotten angry or commented on his merits in many years, so this time, the call completely caught him off guard, especially when he wasn’t involved with it at all.

Putting down the phone, the phone made a sound that sounded like the screen cracked or something, and the sound broke the depressed and silent atmosphere.

“All of you, go check your areas. Ask who arrested someone called Xu Cheng! Whoever did, report to me the reason and the whole process! Now! Right away!” Zhou Zheng commanded his subordinates in a low voice.

He knew his dad didn’t have patience, so he decided to no longer put on a smile for his colleagues and subordinates. He would not put on a kind face to anyone that pulled his leg. 

The subordinates immediately began calling the areas they were responsible for, and there were 15 areas in total.

Very soon, 9 of them reported, “Director, we didn’t arrest anyone named Xu Cheng.”

“Are you sure?” Zhou Zheng asked.

Those nine guys immediately began calling again to confirm.

At this time, one of his men said, “Director, could there have been a mistake?”

Zhou Zheng slammed his fist onto the table. “Mistake? You can go back and tell my father, tell him he made a mistake!”

That subordinate immediately lowered his head and didn’t dare to even breathe loudly. At this time, his phone sounded.

“Hello? Did you find him?”

“Boss, you are talking about Xu Cheng, right? There is such a guy, yeah, we arrested him.”

This guy’s face directly changed. “What did you say? He… he’s at our station? Wh-who arrested him?”

“I did. I got Wang Tengan’s call, his son got beaten up, so I went over and arrested the guy. He didn’t give you a call? I saw you two were pretty close personally so I skipped the protocol and just arrested him first.”

“Fack your ‘skipping the protocol’! Why didn’t you ask me first before you arrested him?” After this subordinate of Zhou Zheng roared, the other end still sounded very innocent and wronged, “Boss, didn’t you say that you went over to the HQ to have a meeting? That’s why we didn’t give you a call. We are all eating outside right now. Don’t worry, that guy can’t run away. We put him in the cell already and also cuffed him up. He wouldn’t even be able to fly out even if he had wings!”

“I’m going to fly your face! Hurry up and release that guy! How are you guys still in the mood to eat?! Want me to invite you over to eat with us? Now, right now, go back and facking release that guy!”

Zhou Zheng stood up and glared at this subordinate of his. “Director Ji, take me to your district then.”

The legs of the subordinate with the surname Ji immediately gave in as he fell back onto his chair before quickly standing up again.

When he led Zhou Zheng to his station, those guys that went to dinner haven’t returned yet.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Zhou Zheng directly had someone knock down the doors, went into the cell, and saw Xu Cheng. “Little Cheng, are you alright? Your Grandpa Zhou and the others are waiting for you to go back for dinner, you should hurry up.”

Xu Cheng stood up, directly broke the cuffs himself, and said to Zhou Zheng, “Then I will trouble Uncle Zhou to take care of the rest, I will get going now.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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