Chapter 501: Matchmaking (Part One)

Elder Zhou directly glared at the other three elders and said, “Old Nie, do you have anyone in your family that’s still single and is around Ye Ting’s age? Old Guo, do you have anyone? No! Also, Old Xing, you don’t have anyone too. Since that’s the case, then why are you guys opposing it? Can you all just pity my son, Little Zheng? He’s a man approaching his fifties and is still single, isn’t that ridiculous?”

Old Xing directly laughed. “That is indeed ridiculous.”

Zhou Zheng bitterly smiled. Dad, can you stop airing out our own family’s dirty laundry and laughing at your son?

Lan Ting carefully glanced at him, and Zhou Zheng’s eyes met Lan Ting’s. Suddenly, this grown-a$$ man actually blushed and felt shy.

Lan Ting took good care of her appearance since she was young. After all, she used to serve in the behemoth family that was the Ye Family, so the training was very strict for her in terms of demeanor and appearance maintenance. Putting aside family background, Lan Ting could indeed land someone better than Zhou Zheng.

But, Elder Ye agreed to it, and Lan Ting was still used to the traditional customs. Since it was a match endorsed by Elder Ye, she wasn’t really against it.

Besides, in her opinion, she was already the reacher due to Zhou Zheng’s identity. 

But, the other four elders didn’t think so. After all, she was one of the closest family members that Xu Cheng had!

Not to mention how successful and powerful Xu Cheng would become in the future since that was still up in the air, just Xu Cheng’s medical skills alone, which could save Elder Ye from the dead, was enough for the four elders to want to arrange someone to marry Xu Cheng’s auntie to bring their two families closer together. They all knew that Xu Cheng had no one else closer to him other than his wife, and he didn’t have any kids yet. So, right now, the only one that could be arranged a marriage was Lan Ting!

Judging by how Xu Cheng treated Lan Ting, she must have a high place in Xu Cheng’s heart, and that was enough.

Besides, Lan Ting was also Elder Ye’s god-daughter now, and that identity was enough to be equivalent. 

This one marriage would be enough to tie the families closer together!

How could the other three elders not see it?

In fact, it wasn’t that they hadn’t had that idea. Their brains were just as fast as Elder Zhou, except, just like Elder Zhou said, there really wasn’t anyone appropriate from their family that could court Lan Ting, and now they were all regretting not having enough sons as a backup.

That was also why the other three elders were immediately jealous upon hearing Elder Zhou’s proposal. 

Elder Zhou stepped on his son Zhou Zheng’s feet under the table.

Zhou Zheng immediately picked up his cup, looked at Auntie Lan, and introduced, “My name is Zhou Zheng.”

Auntie Lan immediately raised her cup as well. “Ye Ting.”

Then, she drank the drink. Not knowing if the alcohol was too strong or something, her face became a bit red after it.

Elder Zhou smiled as he watched and he poured more drinks for the two of them.

Zhou Zheng obviously understood his dad’s intentions. If he could really marry Ye Ting, his status in the Zhou Family would also rise significantly. For big families like his, they really didn’t have the luxury to marry anyone they loved like ordinary families. They could only pick out of those that had a similar level of background.

In fact, the only dissatisfaction Elder Ye and the other three elders had was the awkward position Zhou Zheng had in the Zhou Family. They all felt that the sly old fox Elder Zhou was a bit stingy for getting the least accomplished son of his to marry Ye Ting. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

He was already close to fifty, and he was in the public security system. His position might be very high up to ordinary people with grass-root backgrounds, but for the Zhou Family, it was indeed not that great. To put it bluntly, he was a back-up level, and he couldn’t be compared to the three big brothers he had.

But, this wasn’t something Xu Cheng could say. Elder Ye would be making the final call, and it was true that no other options came to mind.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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