Chapter 502: The Impatient Old Men that Just Can’t Wait (Part One)

After dinner, before Zhou Zheng left, he asked Auntie Lan for her number and left.

He indeed was very efficient.

Wang Jianbing (Wang Laoji’s dad) got the call saying that Xu Cheng was taken away.

He immediately became anxious. “How could you guys release him?”

“Director Wang, it’s our boss that came to pick him up.”

“Your boss?” Wang Jianbing was confused. “The Station Director?”

“No, it’s our station director’s boss.”

Wang Jianbing was shocked.

Zhou Zheng!

“H-he… why did he take Xu Cheng away? What’s going on?”

“I don’t even know too. My boss also greeted my whole family, you should give him a call yourself.” Then, the guy that led the arrest on Xu Cheng directly hung up the call. (TL note: greeting in this sense is like: you madafaking piece of sh-t, fack your whole family)

Wang Jianbing immediately called the director of that station.

Yet, the other end just didn’t bother to pick up his call.

Wang Jianbing immediately became nervous.

At this time, his phone rang.

His face changed drastically after seeing the caller ID!

It was from the Discipline Inspection Commission!

“Mr. Wang Jianbing, where are you?”

“I-I-I am at the hospital. My son is hospitalized, what happened?”

“Nothing, then just accompany your son.”

Wang Jianbing let out a sigh of relief. When he walked back into the ward, Wang Ji had already woken up, and his mom was feeding him congee.

“Son, that [email protected] that beat you up, your dad already had someone arrest him. Who the hell does he think he is? He beat someone up yet still dares to act all mighty and arrogant.”

Wang Ji almost choked on the congee. He immediately asked his mom, “What did you say? Who did my dad arrest?”

“Isn’t that guy that beat you up called Xu Cheng? We found out, and he even came to the hospital to threaten us. Humph! Does he think our family is easy to bully? We had him arrested this very afternoon.”

“Mom! You screwed up!” Wang Ji was shocked. “He’s Ye Xiu’s friend! Ye Xiu, that Young Master Ye, that young master of the Ye Family!”

Walking into the ward, Wang Jianbing’s eyes almost fell out upon hearing this. “What did you say? He’s Ye Xiu’s friend? Are you sure?”

“He not only knows Ye Xiu. At that restaurant, there were also Young Master Zhou, Young Master Xing, Young Master Guo, and Young Master Nie! The five young masters of Yanjing were all there! Otherwise, why would I just get beat up and not fight back? Dad, you didn’t really have Xu Cheng arrested, right?”

Wang Jianbing fell back to a corner as he mumbled in despair, “No wonder, no wonder he was released in just under an hour! It was also Zhou Zheng that personally came to pick him up!”

“What happened, Old Wang?” seeing the face of her husband and son weren’t looking too well, the wife also asked anxiously. 

“Just now, the commissioner of Discipline Inspection called and asked where I am.” Wang Jianbing’s face turned to the color of pig liver.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the ward’s door. Then, a few people came in, looking very domineering, and there were also people of the public security bureau.

“Mr. Wang Jianbing, please come with us for an investigation.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“I really didn’t do anything!” Wang Jianbing was so nervous that he was about to cry. Once he went in for the investigation, they could really dig up all the shady things he had done in the past. Normally, if you go in, unless you had really powerful connections, you would at least lose a layer of skin if not die!

Despite the crying and begging of Wang Jianbing, he was still taken away.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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