Chapter 503: Please Save Our Old Wang (Part One)

Xu Cheng was forced into the laboratory.

The words of the four old men were, “You don’t have to worry about anything else, just focus on your experiment. Even if the sky falls down, we will push it back up. Even if there are missiles flying over, we won’t let it affect you the slightest. That girl you were worried about will be fine. If you need to eat or drink whatever, just say out of your window and Ye Ting will take care of it.”

Then, Ye Xiu, Zhou Xiaoming, and the others were banned.

“During this period, you guys are not allowed to disturb Little Cheng. His phone will be temporarily confiscated too. Family disciplinary punishments will be waiting for whoever dares step into the yard and interrupt him from working,.”

Then, Xu Cheng sang “Iron Window Tears” (TL note: a song you sing in jail) and went into the laboratory.

Ye Xiu wanted to retort his grandpa, “Grandpa, Xiaoming and the others don’t have to come, but this is my home. I can’t come in too?”

Right as he finished, his mom’s big palm came swinging. “The Ye Family has so many estates, you can’t find someplace to go for a few days?”

“Mom, I’m your son, why are you trying to kick me out too…”

Then, under his father’s stern look, Ye Xiu reluctantly began walking towards the door.

“Don’t leave, at least you have to stay and accompany me!” Xu Cheng shouted at Ye Xiu.

“Big Brother Cheng, my heart is with you. I will be right there when you come out.” Then, Ye Xiu left the manor without looking back.

At the hospital, how could Wang Laoji still be in any mood to stay? He directly asked to be discharged and left the hospital with his mom to go on the journey of saving his daddy. 

They already called their uncle, yet it directly went from “Wait for my news” to “the number you have dialed is not available at the moment, please call again later.”

Then, the two of them went directly to Wang Jiancheng’s home, yet there was only his wife at home. Wang Jiancheng already went to hide somewhere else.

His wife also wasn’t being very welcoming and was kind of dodging them. 

On the other side, Shen Yao called Xu Cheng’s number but didn’t connect, so she became  very anxious as well. She thought Xu Cheng was still in jail. The whole thing was started by her, and now that they were in Yanjing, she was scared that Xu Cheng also didn’t have any connections. So, she knew that right now, the only one she could ask for help from was Wang Ji.

Imprisoned in her room, she compromised with her dad, “Dad, I will agree to try things out with that guy Wang Ji, alright?”

Shen Wansan snorted, “Dad won’t force you to be with that kind of man. This thing has already passed, so don’t bring up that kid Xu Cheng anymore. I won’t go ask for favors from the Wang Family too. At most, we just won’t move to Yanjing, and we will just expand to the west. As long as our base in Shangcheng is fine, we can just move on from this.”

Shen Yao said, “No, all in all, that guy saved your daughter. Without him, I don’t even know if I would’ve been violated by that [email protected] You are a credible businessman and a successful entrepreneur, you won’t do things without principles, right?”

“In the face of force majeure, principles are all sh-t.” Shen Wansan smacked his lips. “I can let you out of this room, but you have to come back to Shangcheng with me.”

“No!” Shen Yao said stubbornly, “I want to see Wang Ji. I will coax him, is that fine? I’ve decided to sacrifice myself for your business, didn’t you always wish that I would stop  causing trouble for you? I will give Wang Ji a chance then. I know that if you decide to back out of the Yanjing area, the board members of your company will definitely grill you. So, I will help you out.”

“Are you trying to help out our business, or trying to help Xu Cheng get his freedom?” Shen Wansan rolled his eyes.

“Think whatever you want. If you don’t let me out, then I will jump out from this condo’s window!” Shen Yao threatened.

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