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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 506.1

Chapter 506: Sooner or Later, Karma Will Catch Up (Part One)

On the other end of the call, Xu Cheng’s face and tone immediately darkened. He asked Shen Yao, “Are those two there to threaten you more?”

“No, no!” Shen Yao immediately said under Wang Ji and his mom’s pleading eyes. “They came to find me because they had no other choice.”

Xu Cheng: “It would be strange if they had another way. It would even be doing Wang Jianbing a favor if he just needs to live in prison from now on. With the sh-t he did, he can easily take a bullet. Don’t worry about this anymore, if the wife and son dare to lay a finger on you, his whole family will be done for.”

“Young Master Xu, please forgive us! We will kowtow to you! Please spare our family’s Old Wang, we were completely blind to have offended you and Miss Shen. We will kowtow to beg for your forgiveness, show us mercy please!”

Wang Ji and his mom cried their hearts out.

“Ah, hurry up and get up, why are you guys kneeling before me.” Shen Yao didn’t expect that these two would drop onto their knees this quick at all.

Hearing Shen Yao exclaiming, Xu Cheng knew those two were really on their knees already.

He sighed over the phone, “What’s done is already done, when the dirt on Wang Jianbing got dug up, the judicial process already began. It’s impossible to reverse the course now.”

“We know, we know! We just hope you can spare him, please! It’s still better to be alive than dead. Please, Young Master Xu!” Mommy Wang held onto Shen Yao’s leg and begged towards the phone.

Xu Cheng asked Shen Yao over the phone, “What’s your thought? If you feel like what happened was forgivable, then I will just leave it up to you.”

Wang Ji immediately said to Shen Yao, “Miss Shen, to be honest, I’ve never seriously offended you, right? And since our relationship hasn’t worsened that much, can you please spare us this once?”

Shen Yao let out a sigh and said to Xu Cheng, “That’s true. I can forgive them, but the problem is that his dad still won’t be able to come back.”

Xu Cheng said, “Then just let them wait at home patiently. I can let his dad return, but after all, he violated the law.”

Wang Ji’s mom: “We know, we understand! It’s good enough that he can come back! In the future, no matter what happens, we definitely wouldn’t be brave enough to stir up any trouble again!”

Xu Cheng said, “Go back and wait. Don’t harass my friend anymore. I will only remind you once.”

“Okay, okay, okay!” Wang Ji and his mom immediately got up and thanked Shen Yao and Shen Wansan and left the condo.

For this whole time, Shen Wansan couldn’t comprehend what was happening before his eyes.

Xu Cheng said, “Oh right, tell your dad, there’s no need to abandon the business expansion plan anymore. Yanjing welcomes all good businesses to invest, a new candidate will take office at the business bureau and contact your dad to talk about an investment. Alright, I’m quite busy right now, so I have to hang up.”

“Uh… wait a second.” Shen Yao suddenly hoped Xu Cheng could stay on the phone for a bit longer with her.

Xu Cheng didn’t hang up and was silently waiting for her to say what she still had to say.

“When do you have time? I will treat you to a meal.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Maybe next time.” Then, Xu Cheng hung up.

Hearing the beeping tone on her phone, Shen Yao didn’t feel happy because Xu Cheng helped her out; she felt more blue. It was because Xu Cheng declined her invitation.

“Yao-Yao… did you hear what he just said? A new candidate will take office? He can even get his hands on who gets promoted to be the director of the business bureau in Yanjing?” Shen Wansan was completely shocked and he even began to stutter. “How come you never said anything about his background before? What does he really do? He’s definitely not just a little patrol officer…”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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