Chapter 507: Farewell Party (Part One)

Grandpa Ye’s arrogance was gone. Just a few days ago, he was able to easily win the 1v4 without even breathing heavily, but this time, he was beaten up badly by the joint force of the four grandpas. Elder Ye shouted, clearly unconvinced, “1v1 me if you got the balls!”

The other four just shamelessly rolled their eyes at him.

The Ye Manor that was recently repaired and renovated got facked again.

Those four grandpas came as fast as they left. They drove all the way from different directions in the neighborhood, rushing straight over, and after beating up Elder Ye, they turned around and left swiftly. No guards knew what just happened, too dumbfounded to tend to the Grandpa Ye that was covered in bruises on the ground.

The way those four walked on their way out could only be described as, oh boy, light like the wind, happy as could be. They didn’t even bother to get driven back and just walked home with big strides, looking like they ran the streets now.

That night, Elder Ye was getting medical ointment put on by his daughter-in-law as he looked at Xu Cheng grudgingly, who was chipping away on some sunflower seeds. 

“Those ungrateful [email protected]! I was so nice to them, begging for our Little Cheng to also treat them as well. What did I get in return? They came to beat me up as soon as they could!” Speaking of this, Elder Ye glared at Xu Cheng. “You [email protected], why didn’t you do something and just watched as I got beat up?”

“How could I fight all four of them at once,” Xu Cheng rolled his eyes and said.

Elder Ye snorted, “You can’t? Didn’t you say you only used 30% of force last time? If you were holding yourself back that much when you fought me, then you can for sure easily take care of them! You are just like your teacher, only knowing how to show off!”

Xu Cheng just kept on eating the sunflower seeds like it didn’t matter to him. His face was so calm and indifferent.

At this time, Elder Ye suddenly changed the topic and said, “Tomorrow, us five grandpas will hold an appreciation banquet for you. It will still be at the old restaurant. You said you are going to leave soon, so it will be like a farewell party too.” 

Ye Pei suddenly coughed, as if wanting to warn Xu Cheng of something.

But, he kept his mouth shut when Elder Ye glared at him. 

Xu Cheng paid the old man a long and strange look, but the old man calmly just looked away, not looking to be guilty of anything.

Xu Cheng stood up and nodded as if nothing happened. “Then I’m going back to my room.”

When he walked out, Ye Xiu hurriedly followed up and reminded him, “Big Brother Cheng, why do I feel like it’s a trap?”

Xu Cheng: “What do you mean?“

”It’s understandable that Grandpa didn’t hold a grudge for you not helping out, but he’s even planning a banquet for you? You are a junior, the five elders don’t need to hold a farewell banquet for you, and usually, it’s organized by us peers,” Ye Xiu said.

Xu Cheng smiled without a word and walked away.

But, in the main hall, the old man glared at his son Ye Pei and said, “You’ve all grown up now? Helping out Little Cheng instead of me?”

“Dad, you’ve always told me that people should know to be grateful.” Ye Pei bitterly smiled. 

“That [email protected] bribed you? You are a minister! How could you be bribed by a kid? You good-for-nothing! What did he even bribe you with?” the old man said with disdain.

Ye Pei carefully took out the vacuum-sealed case from the bag and bitterly smiled as he said, “This minister is afraid of all kinds of illnesses too…”

Elder Ye’s eyes narrowed as he slowly nodded. “Yeah, you indeed need to be grateful.”

Ye Pei straightened his back and said, “So, tonight on, I can only help him instead of family. I’m going to tell Little Cheng, tomorrow you guys are planning to join hands to beat him up, and I will tell him not to go.”

Elder Ye glared right back at him. “You are even more courageous now, huh? Your mom died young, so it looks like I have to be the one to whip you back into shape.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Ye Pei: “Dad, I’m a minister, please save me some face.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Elder Ye’s foot already flew over.

At night, when Xu Cheng was brushing his teeth at the sink in the courtyard, Ye Pei walked over and said to him, “Little Cheng, I have to tell you something.”

“Uncle Pei, what is it?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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