Chapter 508: All Just Traps (Part One)

After Xu Cheng was done brushing his teeth and washing his face, he abruptly said, “Drive me to the restaurant.”

Ye Xiu looked at him dumbfoundedly for a while before going to get the car.

At that same old Yanjing restaurant that had been in business since the Qing dynasty, the whole place was once again reserved.

The scene today was very grande because the second-generation of all five families came to reserve this entire restaurant. There were also a lot of people attending too, including all four generations of the five families. Although it was said to be a family banquet, there were more than a hundred people present.

Among them, single ladies above 20 from the Zhou, Nie, Guo, and Xing Families were all particularly enthusiastic. They had admired Xu Cheng for a long time, wanting to see what this accomplished and capable young man that they had been hearing a lot about really looked like.

It felt like Xu Cheng was even harder to see than the top-level officials.

The ladies were all dressed very nicely, hanging out in the lobby. Since the five families were really close, they all knew each other and were chatting.

After Ye Xiu parked the car, Xu Cheng followed him in.

How those single ladies behaved really shocked him, especially the way they looked at him, bold and wild!

Xu Cheng had to pretend to be in a conversation with Ye Xiu for the whole time as he walked through the lobby. During the process, the women were all looking at him. Some just admiringly stared at him, while some directly stopped in his tracks to ask for his phone number. Ye Xiu blocked in the front, and just when he wanted to say something, he was dragged away by the crowd like a bag of garbage.

There was only Xu Cheng left in the sea of women as they tried to flirt and ask all kinds of questions.

Fortunately, at least they were from the five major families and were quite reserved and well-mannered. 

Xu Cheng finally got to the center of the restaurant, and there were 15 tables in total!

There was one big table set up right at the center, and it was filled with special-supply grade alcohols. There were five people sitting at that table, and there was also a vacant seat.

When Xu Cheng appeared, the five old men smiled kindly at him. “You are here? Come over and have a seat here.”

Xu Cheng smiled. “My seniority is not even close to being that high. I will just go and sit with Ye Xiu and the others.”

“If we told you to come then just come, what’s with the nonsense? You think we will eat you or something?” Elder Ye said.

After Xu Cheng sat down, he looked around at the five elders and said, “I don’t mind you guys coming at me openly, I’m just worried about you guys pulling tricks under the table.”

“As for this point, you aren’t as good as your teacher,” Elder Ye said. “Back then, he wouldn’t even care how people came at him, openly or under the table. Besides, he’s always the one that likes to do things under the table.”

“I still haven’t surpassed my teacher yet, I obviously can’t be compared to him. So, I’m planning to go out to the world and refine myself a bit more.” Xu Cheng smiled and said, “And I just came this time to prolong the lives of my five grandpas, just so that in the future when I come back, I can still hang out with you guys.”

Elder Ye said mysteriously, “If you’ve really surpassed your teacher, then you think we would still invite you to this banquet? You think we are so bored that our balls hurt?”

“Huh?” Xu Cheng pretended to not get what he meant.

“Nothing. Let’s eat, let’s eat,” Elder Ye shouted, and the banquet began. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Everyone began moving their chopsticks.

Suddenly,  Elder Ye said to Xu Cheng, “Little brat, your master has a solid foundation, how much have you learned?”

Xu Cheng said, “Not much I assume. I didn’t get a chance to ask and he passed away. It’s a bit unfortunate.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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