Chapter 511: Your Man is Very Rich Right Now (Part One)

Ye Xiu’s eyes narrowed. “Grandpa, it’s not gonna be easy unifying the Land of Mercenaries, right?”

“No sh-t! That place is like a big dye tank. More than half of the outlaws in the world went to that place after they lost political asylum and became mercenaries. Just the forces that were born there alone number in the hundreds, not to mention the powerful mercenary groups backed by nations that went to station there to expand their forces. Whoever tries to unify that place would be the bird that tries to lift its head first, everyone will try to kill it at all costs! The King of Mercenaries is powerful, right? Yet, not even he dared to expand fully to unify that land, and has just been sitting on one-fifth of the land for steady growth. That place is too chaotic and was never truly peaceful.”

Ye Xiu also realized the importance of this matter. “Then why would you still allow Big Brother Cheng to go?”

“Our nation can’t contain him. He’s young, so we can only just let him go. He’s too influenced by his teacher, I can only hope that the game he’s playing won’t get too big, or I might not even be able to protect him.” The old man sighed. 

Ye Xiu said determinedly, “I think maybe he can do it.”

The old man snorted and said in disdain, “It would be a miracle if he can. If he really manages to do it, then I will personally write a biography for him!”

Then, the old man sighed and walked back towards the restaurant. “I endured Zhang Chenfeng for my whole life and finally made peace with myself for being inferior to him, yet now there’s a small one that can also ride on my head. I really shouldn’t have brought him onto the path of no return that is showing off; this little [email protected] even became addicted to it. If I let him stay in the country, would there even be a stage for me? Fack!” 

– Cambridge City, M Nation – 

In the library, a tall and elegant woman was holding a book and reading. It was content on the financial institution structure. She was too focused on the book to pick up how the guys around her were looking at her.

Ever since she grew a habit of coming to the library during the day between classes, the traffic here also unknowingly increased, and she became the beautiful scenery that people tried to get a glimpse at every day.

Her name was Nicole, and her Huaxia name was Lin Chuxue. She was the new transfer student majoring in finance.

On the day of that transfer, she became the trending topic across the finance department, being recognized as the belle of the department on Harvard’s online forum. 

When her phone rang, she suddenly showed a quiet and charming smile. It was the first time the people at the library saw her smile. 

It felt as if the library’s atmosphere was melted by the warm breeze.

“So rare, you actually took the initiative and called me.” Closing the book, Lin Chuxue picked up the call.

“Got time? Let’s grab something to eat.”

Lin Chuxue was pleasantly surprised. “You are in Cambridge now?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Yeah, I have to report to my wife the moment I arrive.” Over the phone, Xu Cheng smiled.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lin Chuxue curiously asked, “Did something happen?”

“Nah, I just suddenly really miss you.” Xu Cheng chuckled. It was true. Shen Yao’s appearance made Xu Cheng suddenly really miss his wife, so he came over to visit to see how Lin Chuxue was doing.

“It’s strange how an introvert like you would talk to me like this.” Although it felt strange, she was quite happy. She unconsciously began smiling as well. 

“Oh well, but you have to come to my school to find me. I will go with you to eat after you find me.” Lin Chuxue chuckled.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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