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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 512.2

Chapter 512: Gonna Piss You Guys Off (Part Two)

But I like it!

The blond man didn’t think that the person that face-slapped him was actually the beautiful lady he was trying to court…

For this ugly guy in front of him?

Was it him that was blind or was it this world that had fallen into chaos? What was so good about this [email protected]?

The blond gentleman looked over at Xu Cheng and asked, “If I may ask, Sir, what is it that you do?”

He felt that Xu Cheng was probably some filthy rich guy or just a playboy that tricked this girl into falling in love with him.

“Currently still unemployed, and also her husband.” Xu Cheng impatiently said to him, “It’s very impolite to interrupt other people’s date, you know? I think you should go back to your own seat.”

The blond guy suppressed his anger and turned around and walked back.

As he sat down, he asked his follower, “How much is that table’s bill at now?”

Charlie sneered. “At least 50 thousand dollars, enough to make that [email protected] puke blood. I’m even beginning to doubt if he has more than a thousand on him.”

“That’s enough then. Later on, when it’s time for the bill, I won’t pay for anything. They are the ones that had the appetizers and drink after all. I will see how embarrassed that [email protected] looks.” The blond man sneered as he relaxingly enjoyed his meal as he watched Xu Cheng’s table.

Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue drank all the wine and ate all the appetizers that were brought to their table, and when it was time for the bill, Xu Cheng didn’t look like he intended to take out his wallet to pay at all.

It was because he didn’t bring his wallet. His wallet and cards were all with his apprentice Lin Dong. Even the airplane ticket and some change for the cab was given by Ye Xiu. Then, when it was Lin Chuxue that took out her wallet and paid, the eyes of all the men that were present almost dropped out onto the ground.

Especially that suitor trying to court Lin Chuxue.

“Such a shameless man! How can he let the lady pay the bill?” He was furious! It was as if Xu Cheng embarrassed all the men on earth, and he couldn’t wait to rip him apart.

Taking over Lin Chuxue’s card, with a toothpick in his mouth, Xu Cheng raised his hand and gestured for the waiter to come with the bill.

The waiter walked over and smiled and said, “Hello, Sir, the total comes up to $52,500.”

Xu Cheng passed the card to the waiter, and he deliberately raised his voice to a point where the blond man could hear and said, “I’m very happy today, I will pay for everyone’s meal! No need to thank me, I have a very rich wife!”

That blond man was about to cough up blood.

This [email protected]! He actually dared to shamelessly pay for everyone’s meal with his woman’s credit card as if he righteously gets to spend her money!

The waiter swiped the card, and upon seeing that there was a generous guy paying for everyone’s meal, they all began clapping to express their gratitude towards Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng waved his hand and said, “Don’t imitate me if you aren’t as handsome as me. In this era, being able to make a living from being so handsome is a skill hard to learn.”

Then, he left with the giggling Lin Chuxue.

I just like how you guys think I’m ugly yet also are envious and jealous of the fact that I can be with such a beautiful woman who’s willing to pay for the bills!

Today, I will just be vulgar and piss the crap out of you.

That blond guy almost overturned the table out of rage. Grasping his hair with both hands, he was still in a bit of disbelief, Just what’s wrong with this world?

Such an ugly person, yet there was a woman willing to pay for the bills for him?!

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My eyes!!!

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“I feel like I’m such a failure. I’m so handsome, yet I still have to use money every time to pick up girls. Shouldn’t women be throwing money at me to chase me?” The guy was caught in an existential crisis and began doubting his whole life.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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