Chapter 517: Coming Back to Life (Part One)

At least 60% of the medical institutions worldwide were watching this live broadcast. 

To be able to confidently and successfully invite Hawking, it meant the Mandala Lab must have made some solid breakthroughs.

There was also more than half of the cancer patient population watching this live stream, for hope. 

When the host finally stopped talking, a staff member arranged by Lin Dong got up onto the stage, indicating that the test had begun!

The audience all held their breath and looked at the stage.

Hawking’s eyeballs were moving around, showing that he was quite nervous. The staff had his assistants bring over a table for Hawking to lay on as they fixed his arms and legs in place. 

His guardian didn’t have the heart to look and only walked to the backstage and silently waited.

The staff took out the anesthetic needle and displayed it to the audience as he said, “We will anesthetize the patient first.”

Then, he injected Hawking with anesthesia. Slowly, Hawking lost his consciousness as he closed his eyes. 

Immediately after, the staff took out a dose of the medicine from the glass box. To be honest, he was also very nervous. He was just a nurse. He did know how to do proper injections and the compensation offered by the Mandala Lab for this event was high, so he took it without hesitation.

But at the thought of the preciousness of this medicine and also the patient, he became very nervous.

He injected all of the serum inside the syringe into Hawking’s body without leaving a drop left.

Then, in front of the whole world, they waited for a full half-hour.

During the half-hour, the host wasn’t just idling either; he was filling the time with lessons on what kind of serious illness Dr. Hawking had, and explained the severity and seriousness of the illness to the world.

Just half an hour later, Hawking’s body that was fixed on the bed suddenly began moving violently! 

Everyone watching was shocked, including the host himself, thinking that the drug had caused some severe side effects inside the body, making it struggle and fight back.

“Look! This drug triggered some side effects! This is simply a scam!”

“Yeah, Dr. Hawking must be under a ton of pain right now!”

“Hurry up and end the test! Call the real doctors! Do you guys want him to die on the experimental table?!”

There were people under the stage that directly stood out to refute and condemn the staff.

But at this time, there were medical personnel at the scene that began to spoke, “Don’t be nervous, everyone, you must all know that due to ALS, Dr. Hawking’s body was at the stage where he could hardly move any part of his body. But now, are you guys seeing this? His body is beginning to react!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

As this person mentioned this, the other people immediately realized it too and were shocked.

That was right, Dr. Hawking had long been paralyzed and could not move any part of his body other than his three fingers and his eyeballs. But at least right now, not to mention whether the drug was taking effect, the scientists at the scene that were familiar with Dr. Hawking’s physical conditions knew that at least for Hawking, this kind of violent resistance-like movement was a good sign from the perspective of Hawking’s condition!

Those guys that directly stood up and spoke out against the experiment immediately felt awkward and embarrassed to be faceslapped this quick.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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