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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 518.1

Chapter 518: There’s Only One Dose Left In This World (Part One)

Those guys from other medical institutions that were shouting the loudest, at that moment, were like roosters crowing in the morning but were suddenly grabbed and choked by the throat; their entire faces were flushed as they suddenly lost their sound.

Then, everyone at the audience seats immediately shot up from their chairs, staring at the Dr. Hawking that had just returned from the dead!

He was still trying to calm his breathing, but from how he stood up straight and his chest heaving up and down from breathing, it seemed like he was able to do a lot more body movements that he had already lost.

Not to mention him or the audience, even the staff member that gave him the injection couldn’t be more shocked.

The boss behind this auction house was also dumbfounded behind the stage, and the eyes of Hawking’s son, who was already on stage and was about to fight the staff, were red with tears of joy right now.

“Dad! Are you alright?”

Hawking panted heavily, and he was still stuttering a bit since he hadn’t fully comprehended what just happened. “I-I…”

His personal doctor that also came up on stage immediately tried to calm him down while getting extremely excited himself, “Dr. Hawking, everything’s fine! You! You! Just talked?”

Hawking was also shocked once again himself. “I…”

He very much wanted to say more, but because of how excited he was, he couldn’t form full sentences. But, he could still make sounds.

“Don’t worry, Dr. Hawking, take a deep breath, calm down. You haven’t spoken in ages, it’s normal that you are not used to pronouncing words. Relax, relax your nerves.”

After taking in a deep breath, Hawking felt he needed to take a few more because he couldn’t calm down at all. The old man even burst into tears. He was simply too excited!

“I-I… I really can’t… calm myself down… Thank… thank God! Now, really… I’ve never felt like this before. Am I in Heaven? Am I already dead?”

“No, you didn’t die. You looked like you died just moments ago, but you came back to life! Come on, try and move your fingers and joints!” His personal doctor guided him.

Hawking was trembling as he fearfully tried to lift up his arms first, and he moved his trembling fingers, one by one. “I-I can! My hands! They can move now! Did you guys see that? All ten of my fingers are now moving! Are you guys seeing this?”

Seeing him right now, the audience was all touched by sympathy and joy as they wiped away tears for him silently. Everyone nodded to cooperate with him and said, “Yea, we saw it!”

Then, his son tried to help him get up from the bed, but he pushed him away as he wanted to try and get out of the bed himself. His feet carefully touched the floor, and it felt very cold. He finally could feel the coldness of the floor again!
Then, trying not to lean on the bed, he slowly let go of his arms.

He took a step!

He took another step! And every step he took, everyone watching it was getting more and more excited.

The people at the auction house all got up and began applauding for him.

The side effects of the medicine didn’t matter right now, because as of right now, it was already playing out the best-case scenario!

“How about we have the other medical institutions’ medical practitioners that came over today to go and check out Dr. Hawking’s condition right now? We got quite a lot of equipment here anyways,” at this time, Xu Cheng said to those that were trying to instigate chaos just moments ago.

Those scholars sped up onto the stage like sharks that smelled blood.

They began testing Dr. Hawking’s heartbeat, blood pressure, and then assessed Dr. Hawking’s tactile, olfactory, pain receptions, and so on.

But, Hawking was able to directly answer it with his intermittent speech! (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

His senses were all normal again!

Those scholars turned around and said to the cameras that were holding the world’s attention, “The recovery is miraculous! I can promise, even with the best medical technology available today that are known to us, it wouldn’t even accomplish one-tenth of what the medicine just accomplished! The effect was simply too perfect! This treatment is very successful! Now, we can officially announce that human medicine has finally achieved a milestone leap in cancer!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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