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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 518.2

Chapter 518: There’s Only One Dose Left In This World (Part Two)

Then, several other scholars exclaimed to Dr. Hawking, “Dr. Hawking, God had opened another door for your later life!”

“No!” Hawking was filled with tears of joy as he couldn’t calm down at all. He looked around for staff of the Mandala Lab and said, “It’s the Mandala Lab that opened this door for me! I’m very thankful!”

His son also said gratefully, “I express my most sincere apologies to the Mandala Lab for my recklessness and impoliteness!”

At this time, the host also recovered himself from the shock. He announced that the peak and focus of the auction tonight was finally here!

All that had happened today made the media outlets and audience that paid the price to be here all feel that it was worth it!

The boss of the auction house almost coughed up blood backstage! He only charged $300,000 for the broadcasting license!

The live-streaming license that witnessed Dr. Hawking going from terminal ALS to being able to walk and talk again, this miracle-like footage! Its licensing rights were actually sold for a mere $300,000!

What made him cough up blood wasn’t even that. It was the 2% commission he agreed to waive!

Looking at the only dose of medicine that was left in this entire world!

Then, looking at the people below the stage that were looking at that medicine like someone that hadn’t eaten for ages seeing a full-on luxurious buffet! Those eyes looked too terrifying!

He already checked out the information on the guests that were present today. They were all wealthy tycoons that were worth at least $2 billion each!

What was left unknown now was just how much they were willing to pay for the last dose of life-saving medicine left in this entire world!

As he thought, the media also knew that the hottest news topic was here!

Everyone knew that it took the Mandala Lab five years to develop two doses, and because of people’s skepticism, they had to use one on Dr. Hawking. And now!

The medicine that could cure cancer and also other major illnesses like what Dr. Hawking had, there was only one dose left!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Just what would be the value of this drug? The whole world would soon find out!

At this time, the host indeed began to brew the next highlight of this auction night.

“Before partnering up with the Mandala Lab, we received some information from them regarding this medicine. It was said that the development process was fueled by an enormous amount of funding. Not to mention the continuous need for investment throughout the development process, just the timeframe of five years is enough to show how hard it is to come by this medicine. The researchers at the lab had already told me, they don’t know when the next dose will  be out. This isn’t something that could be done just because they’ve polished the formula. Everyone knows, cells have their life cycles and various instability factors, and during the development process, if you want to achieve the most perfect combination of cell-pairing and synchronization, it would require the highest level of precision calculation and control! Just researching cell synchronization alone, just nanotechnology is simply not enough. It would even need supercomputers to aid the process. Sometimes, the cell might die due to certain temperature differences, and then the whole experiment would fail and the researchers have to start all over again. So, they don’t know when the next dose would be ready. And by the looks of it, there’s only one of this left, in the whole world. Alright, enough talk, let’s now enter the next phase of tonight’s long-awaited auction!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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