Chapter 520: Breaking the World Auction Record (Part One)

As soon as the host finished talking, he picked up his little hammer.

Immediately, someone below raised their sign and shouted, “200 million!”

That was right, the first person directly skipped sh-t like 110 million or 120 million and started off with 200 million!

As soon as he put down his sign, someone else immediately raised their sign and shouted, “500 million! US dollars!”

People chuckled. Could he be talking about Zimbabwe dollars if he didn’t mention US?

The host was also shocked.

Things escalated this quickly? 

Hearing how fast the price was going up, those media outlets that didn’t get a chance to broadcast this scene were regretting it to their cores.

It was only the third shoutout, and the price already reached 500 million!

“600 million!”

“The price reached 600 million! Do we have anyone higher?’

“650 million!”

“700 million!”

“Guest number 23 is going with 700 million! Do we see 800 million? Whoever can get this, he or she will be able to even leave the auction with a perfectly healthy body!”

This sentence immediately made the eyes of those still hesitating bloodshot!

You might have no idea what price people with a terminal illness would be willing to pay to have their health restored. 

“800 million!”

“Alright, guest No. 15 with 800 million!”

“Very well, guest No. 15 at 800 million! In front of health, money is just bullsh-t!”

“One billion!”

“Guest No. 3 out here with a billion!”

The boss of this auction house directly fainted from tears in the washroom.

Holy fack! 

The price!

Normally in the auction industry, the auction house would be taking a cut as a handling fee every time a new bid is announced.

With so many bids, it would be enough to pay off all his debt easily and also make him a millionaire! But… those fees would all be handed over to the Mandala Lab now…

Not just that, even if the bids stop here at one billion, if he insisted on taking the 5% commission, he would now be gaining 50 million right away!

But that was only if it stopped at a billion! Who knew how high it could end up going for?

“1.1 billion!”

Right after that sign went down, another one came up from another corner and shouted, “1.2 billion!”

“Guest No. 12 now with 1.2 billion! Do we see a higher price? If it’s me, I definitely wouldn’t stop here! How many women and how much wine have I still not enjoyed? I definitely wouldn’t want my lavish life to end here just because I couldn’t pay more than 1.2 billion! Who wouldn’t enjoy living for longer in a perfectly healthy body?”

This host was just this kind of [email protected] that could easily instigate anything. But, Xu Cheng liked that!

“1.5 billion!” At this time, a bearded Middle Eastern man in white clothes shouted in disdain.

“Woah, welcome, our honorable guest from the Middle East! Your bid really did shock me. 1.5 billion! Do we see higher?”

“1.6 billion!” at this time, a calm middle-aged man shouted.
“Wait, if I’m not wrong, this is our honorable guest from Monaco. Damn, it’s obvious, people from Monaco are never short on money!”

Hearing this made the Middle Eastern tycoon unsatisfied. He directly raised his sign again. “1.8 billion!”

He even disdainfully glanced at the people around him with contempt and said, “People always joke about us people from the Middle East, saying that we only have money and nothing else. Then today, since this medicine could dictate life and death, I will just defeat you all with the money I’m most proud of having!”

Yep, nothing wrong with that!

At this time, a man with a small beard snorted as he nonchalantly raised his sign. “2 billion! Daring to make this kind of speech in the capitalist nation that is the M Nation? You will only be faceslapped by the wealthy tycoons here, you understand?”

Alright, now, the simple auction had turned into an event of flaunting wealth. It had completely started an ego war.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng very much wanted to give this host a big thumb up.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The other auction houses’ bosses watching this were also whispering to their assistants, “Get into contact with this host after this is over. He’s a smart guy, very skilled.”

The assistant nodded.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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