Chapter 524: Left Behind a Mess (Part One)

Hawking saw the Xu Cheng that had suddenly appeared and killed everyone, and he pretended to remain calm and chuckled, “What if I choose not to?”

Xu Cheng: “I will turn around and leave, and you will stay here with the car. There will then be people from the 5th Division that will find you and make you a puppet scientist for their quantum experiments.”

Hawking shrugged his shoulders. “What’s the difference? Do you represent Huaxia? Over these years, it seems like there’s only this country in the East that still dares to go up against the M Nation.”

“What if I say I’m not?” Xu Cheng smiled. 

Hawking was a bit shocked. “Who do you work for then?”

“If I say myself, would you be willing to work for me?” Xu Cheng said. 

“You?” Hawking sneered. “Even the U.K. government lost sight of me, what makes you confident enough to go up against the M Nation? I feel like in comparison to working for you, I will at least be much safer being a puppet in the M Nation. Look at those big entities that went up against M Nation in the past, which one of them wasn’t more capable than you? But what happened? They all died facing the M Nation military. I’m not just a naive and hot-blooded youngster, I’m already over 70, child. I can’t go on these wild adventures with you. I was just praising you for your calmness and low-key style, I didn’t expect you to be just like the other people your age, adventurous, rebellious, and naive.”

“Listen, Dr. Hawking, I don’t need you to lecture me. If I were you and was given a chance to come back to life, then if I don’t do something big, I would feel like this opportunity would go to waste. To be honest, you aren’t someone my organization definitely needs. I will just treat it as I picked the wrong person, and I don’t need you to do anything to repay me in the future. Now, you are free,” Xu Cheng said as he turned around and left. Through the little mic, he said, “Li Wei, park the bus, we are going.”

The bus was suddenly parked by the side of the road.

At this time, Caesar’s voice came over. “Boss, the man you killed, he seemed to be from the 5th Division. There should be some monitoring system on him or the car, they have been alerted now and there are at least 2 cars coming your way.”

“I got it.”

After getting off the car, he said to Li Wei, “Take him to somewhere safe, I will clean up the mess.”

Li Wei nodded and led Hawking away from the area.

Xu Cheng began driving the truck again and stomped on the gas pedal.

The man in glasses he killed back there was a soldier from the 5th Division, and they were all equipped with a device that monitored their vitals. Their HQ would be immediately alerted when the vitals go out when someone dies, and thus, 10 masters from the 72 Demons of Soloman were dispatched to track this bus.

“Bus is en route to Brooklyn Bridge, intercept it!” The HQ was tracking the bus through satellites. 

Xu Cheng said to Caesar, “Tell me the license plate for the vehicles that are coming to intercept me.”

Caesar: “Boss, what are you planning to do?”

Xu Cheng grinned. “I’m putting on a show for you guys. You guys have never seen me in action yet, right? You are in luck today. Li Wei, tell that Stephen to watch if I’m really a mad man with a brain or not.”

He said as he drove the bus calmly towards the Brooklyn Bridge. 

He could get away and leave no traces behind right now, but he wanted to create some chaos and refresh his existence in the eyes of his enemies.

Caesar told Xu Cheng the license plates of the two cars from the 5th Division.

Xu Cheng remembered it and as he drove on, he spotted them two streets away from him coming towards him. 

At a spacious intersection, the two cars from the 5th Division saw the bus on the road perpendicular to theirs.

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