Chapter 525: Other People Can’t Do It, I Can (Part One)

Four agents, one demon from the 5th Division.

All dead. 

With the 10 of the 72 Demon Ranking that went to intercept the bus in their Ford SUVs, they died too.

This also didn’t include the casualties caused by traffic accidents and the traffic jams and panic suffered by the public. 

At the high-level meeting at the CIA HQ, everyone at the table looked solemn. 

The people from the Department of State also came to attend this emergency meeting.

The secretary of state looked at the big characters of the CIA and spoke first, “The British Embassy wants an answer from the M Nation about the event at the airport with Dr. Hawking being kidnapped. I want to hear what you people want to say.”

The director of the CIA coughed and answered, “They don’t have any shreds of evidence on us, so you can just say whatever to BS them. Just push the blame around, and maybe say these events at the airport and the Brooklyn Bridge were caused by terrorists that kidnapped Dr. Hawking, and we will fully cooperate with the U.K. to rescue Dr. Hawking.”

The secretary of state nodded. “Very good, this reason makes sense. Then now, can you tell me why our people opened fire during the chase? The kidnapper’s bus directly drove off the bridge, and all the people onboard were announced dead, with Dr. Hawking’s body nowhere to be found. How do you want me to explain this to them? First, there were hostages, and your agents and the police still opened fire, forcing the kidnappers to take extreme measures. This in and of itself is an act of ignorance and impotence. Now, with the help of the news, the whole world knows about it, and the whole world is laughing at our M Nation’s police for ignoring the safety of the hostages. Do you think I should put the blame on the police, or the CIA?”

The head of CIA said impatiently, “But didn’t you see we also lost a lot of people?”

The people from the state department sneered. “This is your rebuttal? Don’t you find it ridiculous? You guys should be the experts in intelligence work, yet your personnel got their cover blown and were killed! What do you expect me to do? How about you retire early and leave the position to someone more competent? Right now, I don’t care about your work, and I also don’t have the time to sort through your department’s affairs with you. Now, please just give me an answer. After that bus fell off the bridge, Dr. Hawking is MIA, and the UK wants an answer from us, whether this is the work of kidnappers or us, with the goal of killing Hawking and not allowing him to go back to his country. The latter speculation is directly related to the military helicopters’ indiscriminate shooting on the bus regardless of the hostage situation. If you guys don’t have a way to explain this matter, then I will escalate this matter to the president. You better hurry up.”

Then, the State Department people left angrily. 

At the CIA meeting room, the several bigwigs at the table all didn’t look too well.

“Get the captain responsible for this operation over right now.”

The assistant nodded and walked out of the office. Outside, Captain Jackman had been waiting for a long time. He saw the people from the State Department walking out as they gave him a glare.

“Come on in,” the assistant said to Jackman.

Jackman took in a deep breath and followed him into the meeting room.

Inside, there were five higher-ups, and their eyes were all out of focus as they remained silent. 

When Captain Jackman stopped in his tracks and stood before the five of them, the higher-up sitting at the center asked him, “You didn’t get intel that there was another party that was planning to intercept Dr. Hawking?”

Jackman was confused. “To be honest, we really didn’t expect anyone would dare to do it on our turf.”

The Higher-up: “Why shoot?”

Jackman: “This man deliberately disrupted the order in New York. I think that in that case, he should be executed on the spot.”

The Higher-up: “How about our casualties?”

Jackman hesitated for a moment and said, “15 people were killed.”

The Higher-up: “Was the suspect killed?”

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