Chapter 526: You are Just a Poor Guy That’s Afraid of Death (Part One)

Xu Cheng looked at Hawking and said, “Now, you are basically free to leave the M Nation and directly go back to the UK. I told you, I won’t force you.”

Then, he turned around and walked away. 

There was no hesitation at all. Li Wei followed him, and the two of them just left.

Hawking just watched as they left, feeling that this man was so difficult to read.

When they reached the door, Hawking suddenly shouted, “Shouldn’t we talk a bit? I feel like if you want to ask me to join, you should at least act like you want me to do you a favor. Your subordinate told me that we can’t live our lives in vain.”

Xu Cheng stopped in his tracks, turned around, and slowly walked over. As he walked, he said, “If you are talking about the person behind me, then you got it wrong. He’s not my henchman, he’s my bro. I wouldn’t leave my back open to my subordinate.”

Li Wei felt very touched upon hearing this. This was also why he was willing to leave the Dragon Division with Luo Yi to follow Xu Cheng wherever he went.

“You are a soldier?” seeing Xu Cheng walking back over, Hawking asked. 

“I was, but not anymore.” Xu Cheng sat down in front of Hawking and said frankly, “I’m now fighting for myself.”

“Mercenary?” Hawking frowned. 

Xu Cheng nodded. “You can say that. But, we aren’t mercenaries trying to make a living. We are different.”

Hawking asked, “What’s the difference.”

Xu Cheng: “In comparison to traditional mercenaries, we are more ambitious.”

Hawking laughed out. “What is your ambition? What your brother told me earlier indeed made me think a bit. I’m not young anymore, but to be honest, I might’ve been infected by the madness of you youngsters. Unfortunately, old people like me can’t just go nuts and crazily chase after some dream anymore. I can work together with you guys, but I want you to convince me. If you are just mercenaries who want to cause terror and make me build weapons for you guys to disrupt this peaceful world, then I won’t cooperate with you guys.”

“Peaceful world?” Xu Cheng sneered. “Didn’t I just hear about the U.K. voting to leave Europe? Is that peace too?”

Hawking awkwardly smiled bitterly.

Xu Cheng said solemnly, “We want to create a home!”

Hawking: “You don’t have one already?”

Xu Cheng: “And this home’s place is called the Land of Mercenaries.”

Hawking’s eyes immediately narrowed. “You guys want to unify that land into a nation?!”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Do you think it’s possible?”

Hawking looked at Xu Cheng, and then he looked at Li Wei. Then, he snorted, “Just with you guys?”

Xu Cheng: “More and more people will join us in the future. I hope you can also join us, and help us develop quantum weapons. It won’t be for other reasons, but just when we unify the Land of Mercenaries, we can announce to the world, that we aren’t afraid of nukes because we have quantum weapons that are no less powerful than atomic bombs!”

Hawking laughed. He laughed with ridicule. He stood up as he kept on shaking his head in disappointment. “I thought you guys just wanted to make a little fuss and at most get me to develop some weapons for you, but I didn’t expect you to want me to develop something to rival nuclear technology. You guys are too naive. This level of technology cannot be controlled in the hands of you guys. Both of you combined together aren’t even older than me, do you guys know what a nuclear weapon is? Have you seen how merciless it is? Let me tell you, not to mention successfully developing it, even if you are in the process of developing it and testing it, it would be detected by satellites. You guys can’t hide it at all. By then, I will become the common enemy of the world and have a bounty on my head. Who’s going to protect me then? At this point, I rather trust the British government, because in front of actual nations, you guys are really nothing.”

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