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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 529.1

Chapter 529: Xu Cheng, Don’t Even Think About Getting Your Hands On Me For the Rest of Your Life! (Part One)

Xu Cheng sat at the candlelight dinner table on the terrace.

His hands were tangled together as he became increasingly nervous. 

He didn’t know how long it had been by the time Chuxue came out. She was wearing silk pajamas, and there was nothing but lingerie inside. The straps could even be seen between the pajama collars. 

Lin Chuxue sat down across from him gently. Xu Cheng poured her a glass of red wine. Lin Chuxue picked up the knife and fork and symbolically chewed on a bite of meat as her eyes flickered at Xu Cheng.

“Uhmm… tonight…”

Xu Cheng said so righteously, “I will sleep on the floor, you can take the bed.”

Lin Chuxue pursed her lips and tried to squeeze out all the courage she had. After taking a shower, she was glowing all over and her face seemed to be able to drip water.

“Umm… I didn’t say I won’t allow you to touch.” Lin Chuxue’s face blushed as she mumbled this. 

“What?” Xu Cheng thought he heard it wrong.

Lin Chuxue immediately changed the topic. “Never mind, let’s eat.”

Immediately, she lowered her head to look at the candlelight. Her lips remained closed, not saying a word, and there was a hint of disappointment in her eyes.

She mumbled in her heart, You are a big man, do you still need a woman to take the initiative? If I’m not willing, why would I be in the same room with you, or, you know, even marry you to begin with?!

Xu Cheng chewed on the steak but he didn’t even notice what it tasted like.

Was he not interested in Lin Chuxue?

Of course not. Not even Buddha’s gonna believe in that.

Was no one seeing the big tent that was already pitched in his pants as Xu Cheng Jr. declared his dissatisfaction to the world?

Xu Cheng felt that the hardest thing in the world wasn’t avenging his dad and wiping out the Ryong Family, it also wasn’t avenging his love and wiping out the Sanling Financial Group. It was actually… having such a peerless beauty in front you, with everything about her from demeanor to clothing screaming green-light at you…

What was more was that it was even his wife! He had nothing to worry about, there were no legal consequences, no moral shackles, only 200% consent…


Yet he couldn’t do anything!

Xu Cheng felt a fire burning inside of him.

Seeing the faint disgruntled look in Lin Chuxue’s eyes, Xu Cheng knew his grandiose image in his wife’s heart was completely destroyed.

It didn’t matter how invincible he was in the past, but at this moment, right now, in front of his lover, when you can’t prove the man’s glory and can’t satisfy her, then whatever else you say or do is irrelevant.

Xu Cheng knew that his image in his wife’s heart was probably already an impotent male!

Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “Why are you sweating?”

“Ah?” Xu Cheng reacted and wiped his forehead. Oh damn, it was indeed covered in sweat. That kind of mental and physical torment made him seem like he just experienced the greatest suffering in the world.

“I think it’s probably because it’s too hot. Maybe I’m just too tired today,” Xu Cheng said.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Lin Chuxue chuckled. “Go take a bath then, you will be much better when you take one.”

Xu Cheng nodded and got up and went to the bathroom.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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  1. Rissay Ibrahimi

    “Was no one seeing the big tent that was already pitched in his pants as Xu Cheng Jr. declared his dissatisfaction to the world?”

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