Chapter 531: Letting Haber Pay the Construction Bill (Part One)

– In the morning – 

Xu Cheng did a lazy stretch on the balcony. Seeing Lin Chuxue still under the quilt sleeping, he gently called out to her, “Honey, wanna get up and see the sunrise?”

“I’m too tired, you can watch,” Lin Chuxue said weakly and fell back to sleep.

Last night, after the two of them went back and forth all the way into midnight, they finally took the step forward. But then after that, Lin Chuxue began to regret it, because Xu Cheng was too much!

It naturally hurts the first time, but that [email protected] said it was also his first time so he needed to practice and study more, and Lin Chuxue began to feel like she had been tricked.

Due to the lack of sleep plus excessive exercise, she could barely move now.

Xu Cheng also felt that the gloom in his heart became lighter. 

Turning around to look at the woman resting lazily on the bed curled up like a cat, he subconsciously smiled. Walking to the bedside, he leaned over and gave her a kiss.

“I will go and order a meal for you.”

Then, Xu Cheng put on his clothes and walked out of the suite. 

The highest floor of the hotel was its buffet floor, and Haber had been waiting there for a long time.

Seeing Xu Cheng coming over, he waved and asked, “Where’s Nicole?”

“Too tired, needs more sleep.” When Xu Cheng said that, there was a hint of proudness in his voice. 

Haber’s hand that was holding the folk paused a moment. Then, looking at Xu Cheng, he smiled and sighed, “It’s good to be young. My wife would never get this tired. Young man, I still have to tell you, in the end, there are only cows that die from exhaustion, but no field that had too much plowing.”

“This is the difference between you and me.” Xu Cheng picked up some food, sat down, and said, “This time, I came because I really have some favor to ask from you. I know you wouldn’t shy away.”

Haber: “I know you are up to something, or you think I would come here this early to wait for you? Just tell me.”

“Find me a construction team, one that you can trust.” Xu Cheng said, “It’s best if it’s from your country.” He wouldn’t trust it if it was a team from other countries and would be afraid of being exposed. But, the Arab Emirates usually wouldn’t want to get involved in international affairs. Their teams were very professional in terms of sticking strictly to business, and they knew how to remain impartial.

Haber took a sip of his black coffee and asked, “No problem, where to? What kind of construction project? Are you planning to build the tallest skyscraper in the world or something?”

“No.” Xu Cheng said, “You just need to tell me, can you find me one? The place they will be going will be a bit dangerous, but I can guarantee their safety.”

“I might not believe if someone else mentioned safety, but if you say it, then I wouldn’t doubt it at all. Where to?” Haber asked nonchalantly.

“The Land of Mercenaries,” Xu Cheng nonchalantly replied.


Haber almost spouted out his coffee as he stared at Xu Cheng with his eyes wide open and said, “What are you doing there? It’s not like you are short on money or anything. That kind of place just has a bunch of little outlaw dictators that couldn’t get political asylum and ended up dwelling there. If a person isn’t out of options, they wouldn’t go to that kind of chaotic place. You don’t lack money, what are you doing there? If you are short on money, you can tell me. Be my bodyguard, I can give you ten million dollars per year.”

Xu Cheng was speechless. “That salary isn’t even higher than the one I gave to my lawyer. Are you sure that’s one for a bodyguard rather than a nanny?”

Haber: “If you are serious about being my bodyguard, I can give you 100 million a year, deal?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Nope, I’m not short on money,” Xu Cheng said. 

“Then what are you doing at a place like that? If you are going there for their oil, then every year, I can let you be the agent of 10% of our royal family’s oil reserve to sell. Good, huh?” Haber asked.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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