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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 534.1

Chapter 534: Bang Nation (Part One)

Haber felt emotionally abused by those two’s public display of affection.

He sighed. “I guess what your friends admire about you the most isn’t your power, but your ability to get girls. Not to mention how you managed to get a wife this unfairly beautiful, she’s even this loyal to you. Did you use some black magic on her?”

Xu Cheng: “You think Nicole’s beautiful because she has the beauty of Western people mixed in, but you find my handsome face not easy to accept because you don’t know how to appreciate us Easterners’ faces, you know that? In fact, among Asians, I’m the incredibly handsome kind, so you are just blind if you can’t comprehend it.”

Haber looked at Xu Cheng strangely. “Why use the phrase ‘not easy to accept’? I just think you are straight up ugly.”

“I feel like you are really direct with your words.”

The two of them walked with bodyguards across the cruise ship and arrived at the fifth floor of the ship, which was the casino area. There were tons of people here. Almost all rich men couldn’t resist the temptation to gamble. After all, a small amount of gambling really lightened up the mood, just like kids playing videogames.

Haber brought Xu Cheng and walked across to the center of the casino area. There were many people that knew Haber and they all respected him.

Haber was a pretty laid back guy. After all, he was not as calculative as his big brother, and he would also kindly nod back at everyone’s greeting.

He stopped by a friend that was in the middle of a round and watched him gamble.

This person was also a Middle Eastern fellow, and when he saw Haber, he immediately nodded at him. “Hurry up, have a seat and go a few rounds with me.”

“It’s fine, I’m just here to take my friend around today. The theme today for me is just for him to have a good time,” Haber said as he gestured his head at Xu Cheng.

Those guys at the table instinctively asked, “Who is he?”

“Since we are all on board, why not have a seat and play a few rounds together?” At this time, a rich Asian man said with a strange tone. “But prepare at least 500 million dollars, the bets on this table go pretty high.”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. His money was temporarily being managed by Stenson, and the cards he carried were all his wife’s, which only had a hundred million that he had wired her before.

“Then that’s fine, I didn’t bring that much money.”

“Young Master Lee seems to be having a good time,” Haber greeted the Asian tycoon.

Then, he leaned into Xu Cheng’s ear and said, “This is the younger son of the CEO of the Three-Star Corporation of the Bang Nation. His assets are estimated to total around 12 billion dollars, and the entire Lee Family probably had over hundreds of billions of assets under their name! That’s quite a lot even in comparison to the royal family of Dubai. Even the wealth under my name is not more than 20 billion.”

“Just 12 billion? I thought it would be more. Then even if I win it all, it wouldn’t be much…” Xu Cheng instinctively murmured.

But those words were coincidently picked up by Young Master Lee. He folded his hand and tossed his cards to the side, and looking up, he snorted, “Who are you? Where are you from?”

“I’m Mr. Xu, from Huaxia,” Xu Cheng said.

Young Master Lee impatiently said, “Never heard of you.”

Xu Cheng didn’t mind and just smiled. “But I have heard of the Three-Star Corporation.”

Young Master Lee said arrogantly, “If you want to attract my attention this way and befriend me, then you’ve succeeded with the first half. However, I don’t befriend people from Huaxia that have no backbone.”

Xu Cheng smiled and replied, “Oh no, you misunderstood. I don’t intend to befriend you. Back in my nation, we are also unwilling to befriend people from the Bang Nation. Maybe you find what I just said a bit offensive, but do you know why I would say that?”

Young Master Lee looked at him. “Why?”

Xu Cheng: “Because more than half of the Three-Star Corporation’s revenue comes from our Huaxia market. In front of your daddy that gives you the money, where do you get the pride to look down on me?”

Young Master Lee said righteously, “We came up with great technology and are able to take money from your pocket and put it into ours, what’s wrong with that? You can’t blame us if your people are the ones willing to buy our products, right? Besides yelling and verbal boycotting, what other ways do you have? You say I look down on you, that’s right, I was able to accumulate 12 billion dollars in assets with my own abilities, so I’m qualified to look down on you. If you don’t have money, go to some other table. If it wasn’t for Mr. Haber, I would’ve already had my bodyguard kick you out.”

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