Chapter 535: Fully Confident (Part One)

Xu Cheng saw how they still wanted to quarrel and was too lazy to continue with them. He waved his hand and said, “Whatever, I will just do Haber a favor by not continuing the beef and killing the fun. If you guys want to play, then wait until the ship’s in international waters, and we will have some fun, how about that?”

That Blackwater bodyguard sneered, “Sounds good.”

Young Master Lee glanced at Xu Cheng from the corner of his eyes with contempt and said, “I’ll remember you now.”

After that, Xu Cheng didn’t bother with talking to this Young Master Lee anymore and just leaned on Haber’s chair and watched them play.

Haber exchanged for 500 million in chips. The five people at this table were all worth more than 10 billion, so 500 million was a figure that everyone was comfortable playing with.

Xu Cheng could see all the cards on the table, not just Haber’s.

Haber wasn’t that good, and he was playing very casually. After all, in comparison to that Young Master Lee, his greed for money wasn’t as visible. That Young Master Lee purely came tonight to win money from the others, or he wouldn’t have come here just to gamble instead of going to other normal casinos. 

From the way Young Master Lee seriously shuffled his own cards and the amount he was placing, Xu Cheng could tell that he was a very emotional man.

And Xu Cheng loved it.

In one round, everyone else had folded, and all that were left were Haber and Young Master Lee. Haber’s hand actually wasn’t too good, just a pair of Aces, but the biggest combo in Young Master Lee’s hand was also a pair of Aces. Luckily, Haber got the Ace of Spades.

Although this combination wasn’t considered big, it also wasn’t small and people could be willing to give it a gamble since it still had a considerably high chance of winning.

When there were a lot of people playing the round, it would be very difficult for straights, same suits, triplets, and others to appear. So, with a big pair of doubles, it was pretty decent.

Young Master Lee knew how to play the psychological battle more than Haber, and with the pair of Aces in his hand, Haber began feeling that Young Master Lee had a bigger hand, at least a triplet or something. So, when the other people folded, he was also beginning to think about folding.

Young Master Lee asked, “Mr. Haber, are you following?”

Haber hesitated briefly and was about to fold. At that moment, Xu Cheng patted him on the shoulder and said, “What are you scared of?”

Haber showed Xu Cheng his hand. “You think I should continue?”

“Yeah.” Xu Cheng took a sip of his wine. “We are playing for fun, aren’t we?”

Haber laughed. “Yeah, then we will just keep on playing for fun.”

Xu Cheng: “What’s so fun about adding one million at once? Just toss five million in to calm our tits.”

After all, Haber brought Xu Cheng onboard to entertain him, and after getting the medicine, Haber couldn’t be happier. Five million? Piece of cake. He just pushed the chips into the center casually.

Just now, Young Master Lee saw very clearly how Haber was about to fold. He knew Haber’s hand must not be very good, or he wouldn’t have had the intent to fold that early. This time, he was just cheered into putting up a bigger bet. Although he looked like he was very casual and confident, it was in fact a bluff. Young Master Lee thought he was too much of a pro and would definitely not be fooled by this kind of little trick.

“Normally, it’s very difficult for them to get Mr. Haber to come out and play. Since Mr. Haber’s here today, then we will definitely have some fun together. I follow, ten million.”

Haber thought about it, and he still didn’t want to just throw free money at Young Master Lee and immediately began to think about folding again.

Xu Cheng dragged him back again and said, “It’s not fun to give up this easily. We gamble for the adrenaline rush, right? If it’s not exciting, then why are we still gambling? Just look at yourself, you are already loaded in cash and wake up in a pile of gold and drive around in gold, what’s fun about that? Try to have some fun, be a bit more capricious.” 

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