Chapter 536: How Much Do You Dare to Take Out? (Part One)

Haber said to Xu Cheng, “Don’t be angry, it’s your first time here so it’s normal.”

“No worries.” Xu Cheng smiled. He glanced at Young Master Lee and said, “After all, someone lost quite a bit of money, it’s understandable. But if someone’s gonna come out and gamble, he should at least be able to accept losses, or he might as well just go home and play MapleStory.”

Young Master Lee: “Who can’t accept losses?”

“I didn’t say you, you don’t have to take a general comment as a personal attack.” Xu Cheng glanced at him with disdain and waved at the waiter. “Hello, can I get a plate of spaghetti?“

The waiter nodded and then brought over a plate soon after. Xu Cheng immediately began eating as he casually picked up a thousand dollars worth of chips from Haber’s pile and passed it to the waiter.

The waiter was exhilarated. “Thank you, Sir!”

Young Master Lee snorted, “Isn’t it bad luck to spend money when gambling in your Huaxia culture? Doesn’t it mean you will lose money?”

“It’s fine, it’s not my money anyway.” Xu Cheng smacked his lips as he slurped the noodles. “I had some appetite in the beginning, but now that I saw someone’s face, my appetite has been greatly affected.”

Haber was speechless.

Xu Cheng patted him on the shoulder. “I’m joking. By the way, there’s no need to be superstitious, you have to trust me.”

Then, Haber got pretty crappy hands for many rounds. Finally, for one round, he was able to get a triple.

Just when he was preparing to go big this round, Xu Cheng slurped on some noodles and said, “What a sh-tty hand, just fold.”

Haber was shocked. He whispered to Xu Cheng, “Do you know how to play this or not? This isn’t a good hand? It’s better than the hand I won with. You even told me to go hard with that kind of hand, and you want me to fold this one?”

Although he was whispering, other people still heard it.

Better than the hand he won with?

He seemed to have beat Young Master Lee with a pair of Aces, and to be bigger than that…

Three of a kind? Or a flush?

At this time, Young Master Lee subconsciously looked at his hand. He had a flush, but it was a small one, because the biggest card out of the flush was an 8!

This kind of hand was especially dangerous, because it wasn’t big nor small. If he was carrying a bigger flush, it would be awesome, but with 8 being the largest, it would be easy for him to get facked by another person’s bigger flush.

As for the other three that were at the table, after struggling for a bit, they all decided to fold one after another.

It was only Young Master Lee left there staring at Haber, wanting to see if there were any clues on his face.

Haber indeed felt three of a kind was a big hand, so he appeared very excited.

Seeing the tangled expression on Young Master Lee, Xu Cheng smiled. He couldn’t help but try to toy with him more in this psychological battle. 

He said to Haber, “Oh really? I thought this hand was small. Then let’s go, 50 million!”

Haber nodded and laughed as he pushed 50 million into the pool.

Another 50 million?

Young Master Lee wanted to yell and swear. They didn’t even try to probe what his hand was? Does 50 million mean nothing to them?

Should I give it a shot too?

When he was struggling, the bodyguard standing by his side couldn’t help but chime in, “I think we should let this one go. It’s no problem to gamble with a bigger hand, but this kind of not-big-not-small hand is the most dangerous.”

He was right. Young Master Lee sighed and folded.

Haber laughed and said to Xu Cheng, “You see that? I already told you my hand is very big, and you didn’t believe me at first.”

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