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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 536.2

Chapter 536: How Much Do You Dare to Take Out? (Part Two)

Then, he immediately got up and retrieved the 20 million that was already in the prize pool.

Young Master Lee stood up to flip Haber’s hand, and when he saw it was just three of a kind, he almost fell from his chair.

Xu Cheng giggled at him and said, “You really have no bottom line. Your will is so easily shaken, why do people like you gamble? Don’t businessmen like you always seek wealth from risk? Just three of a kind is enough to scare you? What a p-ssy.”

Young Master Lee fiercely glared at his bodyguard, blaming him for talking. He also felt regretful. If he had been determined to go on, then maybe he would’ve won back the 150 million he lost earlier!

Xu Cheng looked at that bodyguard and said, “You are not me, don’t copy me in trying to teach other people how to play.”

The bodyguard was so pissed that he wanted to go and beat Xu Cheng up right away. However, Haber’s bodyguards weren’t just for decoration too. They immediately blocked him off, and then the bodyguard from Blackwater returned to standing behind Young Master Lee. There was a burning rage in him, but he could only stare at Xu Cheng.

The game continued.

After three rounds, this time, Young Master Lee got a super good hand.

Flush, one that had an Ace!

He pretended to be calm, not wanting other people to see through his facial expressions and scare away the lambs.

But at this time, Xu Cheng patted Haber on the shoulder and said, “Just fold, this round is no fun.”

Haber saw that he only had a pair. It was indeed too small and he was about to fold.

At this time, Young Master Lee couldn’t help but try to provoke Xu Cheng, “What is it? You acted like a big shot and bragged about winning 200 million from me for so long, and now you are being a coward?
“Yoho, provoking me now?” Xu Cheng smiled. Then, he looked at the other players at the table and said, “This guy’s hand must be pretty good, everyone, just fold. This kind of person is the typical type that bullies the weak and fears the strong. Look at the change in his tone, his hand must be great.”

As he said that, he folded Haber’s hand.

The other rich men looked at their hands. Mainly because their hands weren’t big as well, and with Xu Cheng instigating on the side, they were all thinking of folding too.

Young Master Lee got anxious.

Holy fack!

I wanted to use this round to make back some of the money I lost, why did you guys fold already?!

“What do you mean I have a good hand? Don’t get tempted by this kid!” Young Master Lee said. 

“Look!” Xu Cheng had the “I see through you, b-tch” face on as he pointed at Young Master Lee and chuckled. “Your expression already betrayed you. If your hand isn’t good, why would you be nervous about other people folding?”

Hearing that, the three guys that were still hesitating a bit immediately folded.

Young Master Lee was about to puke out blood!

All four guys folded!

He only took what was initially in the prize pool, which was just a couple million.

“Turn over your hand and let us see,” Xu Cheng said. 

The tycoon sitting beside Young Master Lee flipped over his hand, and it was indeed a good hand.

“You see that? It was all a trap, if this guy has a good hand, it would be written all over his face.” Xu Cheng laughed and said, “You are too young.”

I’m young? You madafaka!

“If you want to play, then play, if not, then just get the fack out! Stop bsing over here. Do you even have the money to play? What about my skills? Let me tell you, people like you that don’t play with their own money and only know to chit chat on the side, you just won a few rounds out of luck, and you are already pretending to be an expert!”

Xu Cheng laughed. “Why do I feel that you are the one pretending? If you aren’t, then with that much assets that are supposedly under your name, why are you so anxious already with bloodshot eyes after losing just 200 million? Can you not touch your other assets? Or are those assets just what your daddy put under your name but won’t allow you to touch? If you don’t have the money, why are you here pretending to be rich? Look at the other gentlemen at this table, they aren’t even breathing heavily after losing a couple of hundred million. Only you are getting emotional. Sigh*.”

Young Master Lee immediately smacked the table. “Who said I don’t have money? Do you dare to play? I don’t care how much money you have, but I will use my money to teach you the difference between someone with real money and a leecher! Let me tell you, as long as you dare to play, then take money out. However much you take out, I will match it. Stop trying to act like a big shot with a mouth. To be honest, I still haven’t seen someone from Huaxia with big balls yet. The so-called rich people in your country still have to suck up to the government to stay alive, but do you know what the Three-Star Corporation represents in my nation? Daring to go up against me? You really are a clueless kid!”

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