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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 538.2

Chapter 538: Your Auntie Wants You to Just Die Out There (Part Two)

First, he called the young master of the Cui Family that was only slightly below the Lee Family.

“Hello, Renhao, what are you doing right now?”

“At this hour, what else do you think I’m doing? Obviously it’s extreme sports in bed.” On the other end of the call, the sound of bed squeaking came.

“I want to ask you to do me a favor, Bro.”

“Just say it, it’s rare for you to ask for favors from me.”

Young Master Lee: “Lend me some money.”

“That can’t be right, right? Although your Lee Family’s assets shrunk a bit after your dad got hospitalized and the company structure shook a bit, you still can’t be at the point where you are short on money, right?”

“Of course I have the money, but you know, man, I can’t touch those assets for the next little while, and my big brother still needs it. So that’s why I want to ask you for a  favor; can you lend me some money,” Young Master Lee said.

“How much?”

“1.8 billion…” Young Master Lee said.

“1.8 billion?” On the other end, Cui Renhao murmured, “That much? I only got 3 billion of allowance for my birthday, and you want to borrow 1.8? I’m still thinking of buying a new car…”

“No.. I mean, dollars. Do you have any?”

“Dollars?” The guy on the other end immediately shouted, “You crazy? Not to mention me, not even my dad can just lend someone that much on such short notice. Are you on drugs? Why are you borrowing that much from me? Where would I get that much money from for you? I would even have to think about it if it was 1.8 billion Bang currency, and you want dollars? Did you forget to take your medicine?”

Young Master Lee: “Just a hundred million dollars will be fine too.”

Cui Renhao: “I’m sorry, the music is too loud in here, I will talk to you another day.”

Then, he hung up.

Young Master Lee then called another young master from a big family.

“Hello? Ju Shengbin, can I borrow some money? Can you help me get 1.8 billion dollars?”

“What are you doing with that much money? Are you planning to run away? Where am I going to get that much money?”

“Then maybe just let me borrow 500 million, that will do too. I know the assets your mom put under your name are worth 2 billion! I will give you right back after tonight, okay?”

“Not interested, I can’t touch those assets.”

“200 million! Just lend me 200 million, and I will try to borrow the rest from someone else.”

“Bang currency? If yes, then I will send it to you right now. Where are you right now?”

Young Master Lee was so angry that he immediately hung up the call. 

Left with no choice, he walked to a corner to prevent others from hearing what he was going to do next. He called up his aunt.

He had his bodyguard pretend to be a kidnapper and said to his aunt, “Yo, Lee Chengji is your nephew, right? He’s in our hands right now. If you don’t want to see his head at your door, prepare 1.8 billion dollars. I know the Lee Family has a lot of money. You better prepare enough cash, or he won’t live to see another day!”

After a brief silence on the other end of the phone, he said, “I want him to answer the phone.”

The bodyguard passed the phone to Young Master Lee, and he anxiously said, “Auntie, you have to save me! I’m on a cruise and it encountered pirates.”

“Pass the phone to the kidnapper, I will talk to him.”

Young Master Lee then passed the phone to the bodyguard, and that woman said to the bodyguard, “That [email protected]’s just an illegitimate son. You guys can just get rid of him.”

Then, the call hung up.

The bodyguard was a bit dumbfounded as he turned to his boss Young Master Lee and said, “Your aunt wants you to die…”

Young Master Lee was furious as he immediately turned around and went to the appraisal team. “I think no matter how you shrink it, my stocks should be worth at least 10 billion!”

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  1. StormHawk

    Hahaha poor dude, even his auntie don’t want him alive. For real tho what is Bang nation?

    • noodletowntranslated

      can’t say man, just treat it as another universe

    • Polymath

      While I don’t want to fan any flames it refers to South Korea

      • noodletowntranslated

        OHHH shhht, damn someone deciphered the clues… but just a disclaimer, I love korea, korean food, korean people, what this author wrote does not represent my opinion, i just like this novel for the actions and the faceslap and the stomping

    • Hreidmar

      To add to Polymath, three-star group is Samsung. The hanja (Chinese characters) for Samsung is 三星 which in Chinese means three star and Samsung is owned by a family with surname Lee.

      • noodletowntranslated

        woah, some great detective work, damn the secret had been exposed

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