Chapter 539: Show-Off Failed (Part One)

Seeing him being unreasonable about it, the appraisal team was also left with no option. After all, this was a VIP member of the club. “Young Master Lee, 9.5 billion, can’t be more. If you are not willing to take it, then we can only forget about the deal.”

How could he forget about the deal?

He already put the word out there as the younger prince of the Three-Star corporation, it would be super embarrassing if he were to back out right now. Besides, it wouldn’t just be embarrassing to him, but to the whole Three-Star Corporation. He didn’t want him and his family to be laughing stocks in others’ conversations.

After all, in the Bang Nation, Three-Star represented the nation’s face. The saying of ‘If Three-Star coughs, the Bang Nation would get a cold’ was not just a joke. All of the financial groups in the Bang Nation were centered around Three-Star, and this company controlled about 40% of the Bang Nation’s economic income. What does that mean?

That meant such a god-like existence in the Bang Nation would never tolerate being humiliated by someone with just 10 billion. He could tolerate it, but Three-Star couldn’t, or at least that was what he thought.

So, with the justified righteous reason disguising his own pride, Young Master Lee decided that his face must coexist with Three-Star’s face.

Xu Cheng whistled and pointed out Young Master Lee to the other guests and said, “This is the young prince of the Three-Star Corporation, now he’s short of 500 million. Which one of you wants to lend him the money?”

Young Master Lee looked at the three other tycoons at the table and said, “Let me borrow 500 million, I obviously wouldn’t lose all of my money. I will give them right back after I’m done.”

The other guys thought about it, and since he was, after all, a VIP member, they each took out 1 to 2 hundred million for a total of 500 million to lend to him.

When he sat back down at the table with Xu Cheng, he once again resumed the role of the domineering and confident prince of Three-Star.

“I’ve never seen you before, your money isn’t from illegal venues, right?”

“There are way too many low-key people. You people like to be high-profile, it doesn’t mean the whole world would revolve around you. What do you want to play?”

“Whatever is fine.” Young Master Lee said, “I’m sure this money isn’t yours, so I will watch how you repay the debt after you lose it all to me,” Young Master Lee said. 

“That’s good, I look forward to it.” Xu Cheng looked over at Haber and said, “Weren’t you curious how I managed to win all that money from Vegas? You can take a good look tonight.”

Haber was looking forward to it very much for sure. He moved his chair closer to him. “I didn’t know you had access to this much money. Man, you really are a deep guy, then why did you still dupe me out of that one billion?”

Xu Cheng lifted his brows. “Don’t like the deal? Then give me back the medicine.”

“Come on man, I’m just joking, we bros! All expenses on this trip are all on me, you don’t have to worry about a cent!”

“Yeah, no sh-t, I just helped you win 200 million, are you still making me pay for the spaghetti?” Xu Cheng glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. 

Just then, Young Master Lee whispered something into his bodyguard’s ear.

“Sorry, I think since we are playing big, it’s better to be cautious. I asked a friend to come and play for me,” Young Master Lee smiled and said to Xu Cheng.

Haber’s eyes narrowed, getting a bad feeling about it.

Within a few minutes, the bodyguard came over with a young man with lipstick marks all over his face.

“Jingfan, come and play some cards for me.” Young Master Lee said to this guy that looked a bit unwilling, “Someone is looking down on our Bang Nation!”

“Who?” The man came over, glancing at Xu Cheng. “Asian? Wei Nation?”

Xu Cheng replied, “Your Bang Nation’s ancestor: Huaxia.”

At the scene, there were also tourists from Huaxia. Hearing this, they all laughed as they came over with their wine glasses. Just for how Xu Cheng had the balls to mock the Bang Nation in public, a few of them walked up to Xu Cheng and passed him their business cards. 

“Brother, let’s grab a drink later. I like how direct you are. If it’s not convenient later, then you can give me a call when you get back to Huaxia in the future. We can hang out anytime.”

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