Chapter 539: Show-Off Failed (Part Two)

The other Huaxia compatriots also came over and echoed, “Yeah, beat this Bang Nation guy. Lately, I’ve been getting angry whenever I hear about them.”

A more sensible compatriot came over and patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder and said, “Brother, be careful. I know the guy that just came over. He’s a member of the World Gambler Club, and he was also recognized as a national-level gambling professional, Yan Jingfan.”

“Oh?” Xu Cheng was a bit surprised, not about the fact that this guy was a top-tier pro, but the fact that Young Master Lee actually had this guy gamble in his place. To put it plainly, if Xu Cheng didn’t appear here today, he was basically planning to use this guy to win money from the other rich guys.

Yan Jingfan glanced at Xu Cheng, laughed, and said, “If you are scared, you don’t have to play with me. I never force people, because it’s also not fun for me to beat a mentally handicapped person with no skill. But, I’m playing because you humiliated my nation, and if you apologize, then you can leave right now and not lose money.”

Xu Cheng sneered. “Don’t worry about that, let’s just go.”

Yan Jingfan: “What a frog that lived its whole life in a well. In the world of gambling, I have a hundred methods to beat you. But you! You won’t stand a chance at all. Losing a couple of billions just to have some verbal fun, do you think it’s worth it?”

“Just to be able to say ‘go fack yourself’ is enough to make it worth it. Recently I’ve been out of my country but I heard your Bang Nation has been pretty rampant these days. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t pay a visit to your country, but since I met you today, then I wouldn’t be a man of Huaxia if I didn’t win some money from you. Just cut the nonsense and let’s play. What do you want to play?” Xu Cheng said impatiently.

Yan Jingfan narrowed his eyes. “It should be me that asks you what to play, because no matter what you want to play, I’m down.”

Xu Cheng slid over a dice box to him and said, “How about you show your skills to me first?”

Yan Jingfan snorted. Since there were many people watching, he was more than happy to show off his skills. Instantly, he raised the dice cup into the air, shaking the dice inside.

At the same time, he asked Xu Cheng, “You want big or small?”

Xu Cheng: “Then let’s do small.”

After shaking the dice roller a bit, he smacked down forcefully on the desk.

Just at the instant the roller touched the desk, Xu Cheng also smacked down as he shouted, “Great shaking skills.” Although other people just thought they heard the sound and didn’t see the desk move, the desk in fact shook violently inside, causing the dice to change numbers.

When Yan Jingfan lifted the roller, his face immediately turned red.

It was because, not to mention one number that was between 1-3, there were no small numbers at all.

Some of the audiences immediately snorted. “Are you trying to play for small or big?”

At this time, Xu Cheng just said nonchalantly, “Who doesn’t know the Bang Nation people always boast about themselves? They even claimed that paper, a Huaxia invention, actually originated from the Bang Nation. Don’t they know to act humble in front of their ancestors?”

Young Master Lee glared at Yan Jingfan and said in a low voice, “What the fack happened?”

“Accident.” Yan Jingfan lowered his head to inspect the dice and said, “The dice should be fine. Did you guys do something to the roller and the table? Almost all casinos like to do that to scam the gamblers.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

At this moment, the manager of the casino couldn’t bear to listen anymore. “Your Bang Nation casinos like to do that and even got exposed for it, it doesn’t mean everyone else does it. Please do not insult our professionalism. Our guests are all esteemed and powerful individuals, if we actually dared to do anything, our establishment would’ve been doomed a long time ago. How long have you been out of the game now? I seriously question whether you bought your way into the World Gambler’s Club.” (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Yan Jingfan awkwardly coughed and didn’t know how to respond. He was really just trying to make excuses for his own failure just now, and he didn’t expect to be called out for it and get face-slapped this soon. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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