Chapter 540: Young Master Li’s About to Puke Out Blood (Part One)

Yan Jingfan was infuriated from embarrassment and said, “You want to gamble, right?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “But I think you should check the equipment and props here in advance. I just don’t want you to find more excuses later.”

Yan Jingfan really started checking out the playing cards, dice, the table, and so on to see if there were any cheating devices.

But, this act of his was basically the same as putting himself on the idiot ranking, because he also insulted the professionalism of all the staff members present.

No man with a brain would do this kind of thing here, because the purpose of this establishment was to provide a place for the club members to have fun. The casino itself generated no profit, and the house would only take the servicing tips from guests to distribute to the casino and cruise staff.

Under such circumstances, who in the right mind would think that the house had implemented some cheating gadgets inside the props?

Young Master Lee pulled on his friend’s sleeve and signaled for him to just stop, or he might become the idiot in other peoples’ eyes without even realizing it.

Xu Cheng directly said to Yan Jingfan, “Actually, just bring a deck of the Bang Nation cards over to play, I don’t mind.”

The people spectating all laughed.

Yan Jingfan now knew that he had been insulted, but he resisted the urge to express his anger. He secretly swore that he would win every single cent from this Huaxia guy as retribution for mocking him.

Xu Cheng picked up a dice roller and played around with it as he asked Yan Jingfan, “I heard you gambling experts are all really skilled in terms of listening, judgment, and calculation abilities. I even heard that the top tier ones can even predict and see through the dice rollers or face-down cards.” 

“That would be your stupid imagination. No one can see through the props, unless they are cheating and using some gadget to help.” Yan Jingfan glanced at Xu Cheng like he was looking at a peasant and said, “But, the first three skills you mentioned are indeed necessary basic skills for a professional gambler.”

“Very good,” Xu Cheng said. Then, he casually shook the dice roller and said, “Then us two take turns rolling two dices, big or small, or middle. You win or lose however much you put down, and if you guess the middle number, the amount triples. Down to play that?”

Yan Jingfan was delighted. “You want to play this with me? Am I hearing it wrong?”

“Nope, I’m just playing this with you. How about I go first?” Xu Cheng said, “And after you are done, you put it onto the table and aren’t allowed to touch it. That’s the rule. How is that?”

“Of course, once the person puts down a bet, no one can touch the dice again.” Yan Jingfan said, “Just how much do you doubt my gambling skills? You can go first.”

Xu Cheng picked up the box and began shaking it violently.

Opposite from him, Yan Jingfan smiled, appearing to be very confident. The Young Master Lee behind him was the most nervous one out of the three.

Xu Cheng put the roller onto the table and said to Yan Jingfan, “You can call now.”

“Is there any limit?” Yan Jingfan asked.


Yan Jingfan casually tossed in 5 million dollars in chips and said, “Big.”

Xu Cheng lifted the roller, the total number of points came to 9, which was big.

Some of the audience immediately applauded Yan Jingfan’s skills.

At this moment, Young Master Lee finally felt a bit more at ease. He said to Yan Jingfan, “You should’ve bet more and won more of his money.”

“Don’t worry.” Yan Jingfan looked calmly as if he was enjoying this highlight moment. He smiled and said, “To someone like him, you gotta toy him to death slowly, just to show him how we are miles above him while he struggles helplessly. That would reflect the difference between professionals and amateurs more. I said, tonight I’m going to play him to death in a hundred ways, and he can pick whichever way too.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng obviously heard those words. He smiled and passed the roller over and said, “Your turn.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Yan Jingfan pleasingly shook the roller, not appearing to be worried at all.

When he put the roller onto the table, his hand left the table and he said, “Make your call.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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