Chapter 541: Are You Trying to Give Me Money for Free? (Part One)

Yan Jingfan began shaking the dice swiftly and placed it on the table.

He said, “Place your bet.”

Xu Cheng said to the staff, “Please help me count out 2 billion.”

Young Master Lee and Yan Jingfan directly raised their hands in the air. “Wait up!”

Seeing how confident Xu Cheng was, they felt something was definitely fishy.

Everyone at the scene was a bit confused.

Yan Jingfan said to Xu Cheng, “We want to pause the game to check the whole situation.”

“How do you want to check?”

“Please have the staff check this man to see if there’s any high-tech equipment in his eyes or ears.”

The staff looked towards Xu Cheng.

In order to make more money, Xu Cheng could only tolerate it and nodded at them. “Go ahead.”

The staff directly walked over and said, “Then, Mr. Xu, please apply this eye drop. We will be scanning your retina.”

Xu Cheng nodded and said, “Sure.”

The drops went into his eyes and were scanned, and everything showed up normal.

Then, the staff checked Xu Cheng’s ears to see if there were any communication pieces that pointed to him conspiring with someone else and could potentially help him cheat.

But nothing was there too.

After checking, Yan Jingfan and Young Master Lee shared a look. Then, Yan Jingfan requested the dice roller to be checked, and then the entire table, to see if there was anything that could help Xu Cheng cheat.

The staff was speechless. “Fine, we can check everything for you if that makes you feel more at ease.”

“No more, we want to change to another table.” Yan Jingfan casually looked around, picked a random vacant table, and said, “That one, we will go and play there.”

It was understandable. After all, they were losing a lot of money. After Xu Cheng and the others moved to that table, Yan Jingfan felt that Xu Cheng must have lost the ability to cheat.

He shook the dice, put the roller heavily onto the table, and asked, “Make your bet.”

“You sure it’s okay this time? Are you sure you won’t try to blame something else when you lose?”

“I’m someone with principles!” Yan Jingfan said, “Make your bet.”

Xu Cheng gestured to the staff. “Count 3 billion in chips for me.”

Young Master Lee and Yan Jingfan’s heart began pounding even harder. Everyone was shocked that Xu Cheng dared to put on such a big bet in a game that was pretty much guessing. 3 billion for something he had less than a 50% chance of winning in?

Wait, it seemed like he never put down a bet below a billion.

Haber stood next to him and made a cross sign. “Oh my lord, those are American dollars! Are you not scared of losing?”

“You win some, you lose some, what’s there to be afraid of? If I lose, then next round I will bet 6 billion to win it all back,” Xu Cheng said.

“Are you really not afraid of losing?” Yan Jingfan said in disdain, “With a probability of winning less than 50%, it’s even possible for you to lose 8 rounds in a row. If you put down 6 billion on the next round, then you would lose all of your money after just 3 rounds. Do you realize that?”

“So much talk. This money was indeed borrowed from someone else, so my heart doesn’t ache for it at all. 3 billion, small again!”

Yan Jingfan didn’t lift up the dice roller, but Young Master Lee was already getting impatient and immediately lifted up the roller.

3+3=6, small!


Young Master Lee felt his heart being stabbed, and he shouted, “Why the fack are you two playing dice? Play something else!” 

Xu Cheng laughed and said, “Just pay up first. 3 billion, sorry.”

The staff went over to Young Master Lee’s side, counted out 3 billion in chips, and moved them over to Xu Cheng’s table. It was clear that Young Master Lee’s heart was dripping blood!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

That money… if he didn’t win it back, he would be evicted by his family!(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Wait, you haven’t gone your turn yet. Here, roll one,” at this time, Yan Jingfan said to Xu Cheng.

Young Master Lee leaned over and asked him in a low voice, “How sure are you to be able to win some money back?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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