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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 541.2

Chapter 541: Are You Trying to Give Me Money for Free? (Part Two)

“70%!” Yan Jingfan said, “Maybe it was too noisy earlier with so many people and my hearing got interfered with. I will try again.”

Young Master Lee had no other option but to trust him.

Xu Cheng picked up the roller and began shaking it, and his hand speed was even faster than before. Not to mention Yan Jingfan’s hearing, he couldn’t even see the movement of Xu Cheng’s hands clearly with his eyes.

His pupils contracted. 



Xu Cheng slammed down the roller and gestured at it. “Call your bet.”

“We have 6 billion and have lost 4 billion already. My idea is, if you have the confidence, we can bet 3 billion to win back the amount we lost last round.”

“I…” Yan Jingfan’s head was covered in sweat. “I’m not so sure anymore…”

“What?” Young Master Lee thought he heard wrong. “What the fack are you doing? Then how much do we bet this time?”

“5… 5 million should be good…” Yan Jingfan even felt embarrassed to say it.

“What the fack? And you call yourself a national-level gambling pro?” Young Master Lee was about to bleed from all holes. He stared at Yan Jingfan and said to Xu Cheng, “Whatever, we won’t bet this round. Let’s play something else. This doesn’t take skill at all!”

Yan Jingfan immediately echoed, “This indeed doesn’t take skill, only relying on luck. It’s not fun.”

Xu Cheng laughed. “Then I guess your country’s national-level pro is nothing more than just a clown. You are indeed someone that could only be recognized in a small country and can’t get onto the world stage at all. It’s a bit disappointing to me.”

“Watch your mouth, our battle is not over yet!” Yan Jingfan scolded.

Xu Cheng just smiled in response. “I remember you said that you have a hundred ways to humiliate me. What else do you got? We agreed earlier to compete in hearing skills and now you said it’s too dependent on luck. Fine, I will just pretend that there’s too much crap in your ears, so it’s understandable you can’t hear well. But next, let’s play a game based on the skill that’s most important to you professional gamblers – your memory. How’s that?”

Yan Jingfan’s eyes lit up. “How do you want to play?”

Xu Cheng said, “We will let the dealer shuffle the deck. I remember the world record for memorization was a person who managed to use only 30 seconds to remember a deck of cards before shuffling it and then reorganizing the cards back its original order. How about this, we are only allowed 20 seconds to see a completely shuffled deck, and after 20 seconds, we will get the dealer to flip over the cards. Then, the two of us will organize a new deck of cards into the order we memorized. For every card we get right, the opponent has to give up a hundred million!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Yan Jingfan’s eyes lit up again.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Not to mention him, even Young Master Lee’s eyes lit up!

This was basically a risk-free gamble!

It was like an amateur trying to show off his cooking skills in front of Gordan Ramsay!

For any famous professional gamblers in the world, they must have a superb memory, and it was such an important basic skill that could confidently give them an edge against their opponents when gambling.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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