Chapter 542: Let’s Play What You Are Good At – Memory (Part One)

Yan Jingfan almost loved Xu Cheng to death.

If he guessed one right, that would be a hundred million!

In a deck of cards, conservatively speaking, even if he just remembered the first 10, that would be a billion! And for a professional like him, it was really not hard to remember 10. He would even try to remember more cards, and on a good day, he could even remember 20! Even if Xu Cheng got lucky and remembered the first 10, after equaling that out, he could still make a billion after that. 

As for the world record of 30 seconds to remember the whole deck, in fact, that was probably just a special one-time case to achieve the ultimate show effect. That person probably couldn’t do it on every attempt.

Yan Jingfan felt that it was time for him to show off his real skills.

He couldn’t help but praise Xu Cheng, playing this game would not only get him free money but also allow him to show the crowd his skill as a professional to be able to remember so many cards in such a short amount of time. 

He couldn’t feel more excited about this game, since it could be a golden opportunity not only to show off but to attract more fans.

“This guy’s done. The money we just lost, I think I can win it back,” he said to Young Master Lee.

Young Master Lee was also very excited. He was just thinking about how to win the money back, but who knew, Xu Cheng would propose such a game that was right up his alley, or so that was what he thought.

“Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go,” Yan Jingfan said. 

At this time, Xu Cheng suddenly said, “If one of us gets it all right, then it would be basically breaking the world record, right? Then shouldn’t we add a bit of a bonus on top of that? Such as, the one that gets the whole deck right gets an extra billion?”

“Perfectly right?” Yan Jingfan sneered. “I don’t even have the confidence to say that, where are you getting yours?”

“Then just add it?” Xu Cheng said. 

“Then let’s add that. Whoever gets the whole deck right, the opponent has to give an extra billion! Everyone at the scene can be a witness,” Yan Jingfan said cheerfully.

After all, no one could do it.

Xu Cheng gestured for a professional dealer to come out. The dealer took out three decks of cards and gave it to Yan Jingfan. “You can check the cards first. We don’t want you blaming the cards again later.”

Yan Jingfan carefully checked the cards, even weighing them. After making sure each card was the right weight, he was sure that there were no special marks on the cards that could help Xu Cheng cheat.

For regulated international competitions, the cards all had a strict set of standards for specification and weight.

After the staff cooperated with Yan Jingfan to check the cards, he expressed his reassurance. 

Then, the dealer put a deck in front of Yan Jingfan, one in front of Xu Cheng, and left another one in his hand.

The dealer swiftly washed the cards, which was also very cool to watch. He would use one hand to split the deck into portions and alternatingly let them wash into each other card by card, completely randomizing the number and suits.

Putting the final deck onto the table with his hand covering it, he looked at the two and said, “We’re about to begin, are you ready?”

Xu Cheng and Yan Jingfan both looked at the deck and gestured that they were ready. Especially Yan Jingfan, he looked very serious as he stared right at the dealer’s hand that was covering the deck.

Both of them said in unison. “Ready!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The dealer suddenly spread out the cards in a fan formation, each card was neatly spaced apart equally, allowing all 52 cards’ number and suit to be seen clearly.

At the same time, the dealer picked up the timer and started the countdown.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng just casually scanned through the cards.

But Yan Jingfan, he narrowed his eyes and locked onto the numbers’ sequence and suits, trying his hardest to remember them all, looking as if his brain was in overdrive and even beginning to sweat out of his forehead.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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