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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 543.2

Chapter 543: Pulled a Fast One (Part Two)

Young Master Lee’s face directly changed as he fell on his azz onto the ground.

3.7 billion! Plus another billion!

4.7 billion! In a game where they thought they could win back some of the money they lost, they actually ended up losing another 4.7 billion! Plus the 4 billion he lost already…

Young Master Lee had lost a total of 8.7 billion already!

At this point, the rich people at the table that lent him 500 million were all scared that he wouldn’t have the money to pay them back later and said to him, “Young Master Lee, since you still haven’t lost our money yet, please give it back to us. We decided that we will not lend you our money anymore.”

This was really like adding a gallon of oil into a big fire, giving another smack in Young Master Lee’s face.

“No!” Young Master Lee stood up like a maniac and shouted, “I haven’t lost yet! I can keep on going!”

He pulled up the Yan Jingfan that had already lost his soul and said, “Continue gambling! We still have 1.3 billion of cash!”

Those three tycoons immediately said to the staff, “Take out the 500 million we lent to him.”

The staff at the casino nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.”

“No!” Young Master Lee went over and dragged onto those three Middle-Eastern tycoons’ hands and said, “Don’t be in a rush to pull back the money, I can still win!”

“Your pro already lost 8.7 billion, what do you have to win it back?” Someone at the scene immediately mocked.

That comment made Yan Jingfan not be able to raise his head anymore.

“He’s cheating!” Gathering all the courage left, his body shivered as he pointed at Xu Cheng and said in a trembling voice, “Who’s able to remember all 52 cards in just under 20 seconds? Do you guys believe it?”

Just then, Haber broke the silence. “I do.”

Then, he looked at the crowd and said, “This friend of mine, not even long ago, he went to Las Vegas with one billion and came out with 4.8 billion! During the whole process, he didn’t even lose a single round!”

Yan Jingfan’s eyes opened wide as he looked towards Xu Cheng. “No! Impossible! I’ve never seen you before! I know all the international-stage pros, you are definitely not at that level!”

Xu Cheng laughed. “Didn’t I tell you? Some people prefer to stay low profile, while some people want the whole world to know about them. But, even if you want to be high-profile, don’t just assume you are at the top of the pyramid. When someone doesn’t want to compete with you for some title, it doesn’t mean there’s no one out there better than you. They just don’t want to compete. Just like in nature’s food chain, the carnivores shouldn’t look down on herbivores. Maybe one day, when the herbivores fight back, you will stand no chance of surviving.”

Xu Cheng said as he picked up his deck and threw it into the sky. Then, as the cards fell back down, he reached out one hand and swiftly moved in the rain of cards. When it all settled, 13 cards appeared in his hand.

It was the Ace to King of spades, the entire suit!

Everyone at the scene was shocked.

It was already difficult enough to catch 13 cards as 52 cards fell down, but what was even more stunning was that he picked up all the Spades cards. Upon a closer look at the hand, the Spades cards were even in order! Not sure if he arranged it all into order with just one hand in a split second, or he caught all the cards in order, but either of those was equally terrifying.

This directly stunned Yan Jingfan, and he almost kneeled down before Xu Cheng.

The crowd immediately gave him the loudest applause. 

Just with this skill alone, it would be enough to deter all the top-tier gambling experts.

It was because even Yan Jingfan couldn’t do something remotely as perfect as that.

Not to mention catching 13 cards during that short amount of time as the cards fell, it would already be his best state to catch 6 or 7. It would be exponentially more difficult to get the same suite in order.

“Not gambling against him anymore.” Yan Jingfan fell down on his bum and gave up.

As for Young Master Lee, he just blankly looked at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng also looked back at him and smiled. “Thank you for your money.”

“Wait a second!” Young Master Lee was anxious. He couldn’t afford to lose that much money, so he immediately decided to pull a fast one and shouted, “You facking cheated!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Then, his bodyguard immediately took out a pistol and aimed at Xu Cheng’s head.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

He had wanted to kill Xu Cheng for a while now, and he might as well do it now, and maybe his boss could take back that 8.7 billion and then give him some as a bonus.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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