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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 545.1

Chapter 545: The Armed Power of Blackwater (Part One)

Haber scolded, “You think you can rob our ship just with you guys? Do you know how many security guards we have onboard?”

“Of course I know. The entire cruise ship has about 200 guards, and you guys haven’t gone out to see yet, right? More than a hundred of them have already died.”

Haber turned around and pulled the alarm, and the siren sounded immediately. 

The burly man still looked at him with a big smile with a ‘do whatever you want’ expression on his face. “I already told you, everyone on this boat, including you, are under our control.”

Then, he whistled, and many of the hostages that were captured from elsewhere on the boat were all shoved into the casino.

Person after person was pushed in here with their hands behind their heads and a gun pointed to their head.

Xu Cheng was very worried about Lin Chuxue’s safety, and just as he was about to go berserk to go and find her, he saw her getting pushed into the casino too.

Haber’s wife and the other madams of rich families were too used to a comfortable and relaxing life that when they were faced with a group of heavily-armed kidnappers on the boat, their legs shivered and they couldn’t even walk properly.

A guy carrying a rifle shoved Haber’s wife, causing her originally unstable body to fall to the ground, and her to almost cry from the pain.

The pirate thought she was going to pull some trick so he impatiently pointed the gun at her head, causing Haber’s wife to scream miserably, “Don’t kill me! Don’t shoot!”

The pirate grabbed her by the hair and shouted, “Get the fack in there!”

“Stop!” Lin Chuxue scolded. She went over to help Haber’s wife up and said to that rude pirate, “Aren’t you guys just after money? Who’s going to give you money if you beat the hostage to death?” 

“Little b-tch, as long as you know! Don’t fight back or try to play any tricks, all of you facking get into the casino!”

The pirates that were divided up into several groups successively led all the people into the big casino. Although a bit crowded, it was big enough to fit everyone. With everyone in one place, it was better for the pirates to monitor everyone and loot them all.

Seeing Lin Chuxue, Xu Cheng immediately went over to grab her by the hand and pull her behind him. “Are you alright?”

Lin Chuxue shook her head. “Yeah.”

Then, the pirate from earlier saw Xu Cheng wanted to play the hero saving the beauty, and he smiled at Xu Cheng provokingly, revealing his big golden teeth, and said, “So what if she’s not?”

He couldn’t help but catch a few more glances at Lin Chuxue. To be honest, she was just too beautiful. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Just now, if it wasn’t because they didn’t want to mess up their boss’s business, a ton of the pirates really wanted to do Lin Chuxue there and then. But they were on a mission to group all the guests into the casino, and for a woman this beautiful, they knew that it would not be their turn unless their boss takes her first. But, they were in no rush, since it was only a matter of now or later. But when they saw Xu Cheng trying to act tough and protect this woman, they really wanted to kill Xu Cheng off.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng didn’t bother replying. He looked around and scanned all the pirates that were on the boat. There were five floors on this cruise, and over two hundred pirates were armed onboard. There were about a hundred guarding inside the casino, a hundred guarding outside, and a couple dozens patrolling the ship, trying to find any fish that slipped through their initial search.

These pirates were close together, so even if he were to fight back, it would be impossible to instantly kill all of them inside the casino. But if they decided to shoot in this enclosed space, the random bullets flying around would bring a lot of casualties and injuries. 

Xu Cheng’s goal was pretty clear. He wasn’t a grandiose guy. In this kind of circumstance, his priority would be to protect his wife, Lin Chuxue, and then Haber and his wife, and then his compatriots from Huaxia. As for the others, he would see how many he could protect. There were just too many hostages here, and he couldn’t care for everyone. After all, these pirates seemed to be highly trained and organized, and if a fight were to break out, whether or not they had good aim, a lot of people would die in the process. So, he still needed to think and come up with the best solution.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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  1. Stompound

    With Xu Cheng’s abilities he should have heard the commotion earlier when 100 guards were killed by pirates and some of the people probably were screaming when kidnapped.

    • noodletowntranslated

      the dude might be too busy counting money. the hearing isn’t a passive ability but an active ability

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