Chapter 546: Eating Beef Doesn’t Make You a Bull (Part One)

The burly man smiled. “Very reasonable, and very correct.”

Xu Cheng then continued, “And that mole of yours is, in fact, just the bodyguard of that Bang Nation guy. He looked quite fearless tonight, unlike a bodyguard but someone that’s treating this place like his home. It’s pretty clear that you guys planned beforehand to hijack the ship tonight with him being on the inside. And he was able to bring up his gun because there are other cruise members that were bribed, and at the same time, he would be collecting information for you guys on the firepower and headcount of the security on this boat. That’s why you guys were able to know this ship so well.” 

The head of the mercenary group could only admit it. “That’s right. Since you already know that we are mercenaries, then let’s both be straightforward. We are just lacking some funding for military expenses and since you guys are all rich, just give us some money and we will let you guys go home safe and sound.”

“You guys are robbing us and breaking the law, you know that?” someone shouted angrily.

Right after that person said that, the boss raised his hand and popped a bullet into his head!

He simply made an example out of him.

Many people at the scene screamed in fear, and some tightly covered their mouths and shivered in fear. 

The boss’s face suddenly became grim. “So what if we are robbing? We are from the Land of Mercenaries, I welcome you all to come and find me there. As for today, don’t blame me for what I might do if you guys don’t cooperate. Killing one is a sin, killing a hundred is also a sin, not much of a difference to me. Now, listen to me, those with over one million dollars in cash, stand to the left. Those that don’t have enough, stand to the right. Hurry up and move!”

“Hurry up!” his men pointed their guns at the hostages and shouted.

The cruise guests anxiously went to their respective sides. 

The people on the boat working all began panicking as they broke into tears and cried, “We don’t have money…”

“No money? Then sorry.” The boss of the group waved his hand, and several people with guns came over to these dozens of staff members, scaring them down to their knees crying and begging, “Don’t kill us! Please, I beg you guys!”

“Don’t worry, I’m not the type without principle that kills for fun.” The burly guy gestured. “Throw them into the sea.”

“No, please don’t!” Those staff members all shouted hysterically, pleading. There was not gonna be any lifebuoys, and the chances of survival were close to being zero. The moment they exhausted their energy in the sea, they would just end up being the sharks’ meal.

But, those mercenaries were not joking. They really began throwing staff members off the ship.

Seeing this, the guests on the cruise all began panicking even more. Many of the women already broke down into tears.

Among them was Young Master Lee. This guy directly went up to his bodyguard and said, “I hired you before, you probably wouldn’t be robbing me, right?”

That bodyguard sneered. “You indeed have no money left on you.”

Then, he looked over at Xu Cheng and immediately noticed Lin Chuxue who was standing behind him. He was immediately dumbfounded by her beauty.

“Oh my, what did I just see? Where did such a beautiful girl come from?” the bodyguard tsked tsked and said as he stared at Lin Chuxue.

Xu Cheng pulled Lin Chuxue behind him.

“Your girlfriend?” the bodyguard asked Xu Cheng.

The two didn’t speak, and Xu Cheng looked as calm as ever.

The bodyguard then saw the rings on their tightly-held hands and exclaimed, “Turns out you guys are a couple.”

He smiled. “Mr. Xu, I’m actually feeling a bit odd now that you are so quiet. Where was that arrogant and unruly Mr. Xu from earlier? He was even claiming to teach me a lesson after reaching international waters. Well, now that we are here, why did you become mute?”

Xu Cheng was about to speak, but Lin Chuxue dragged him back and whispered to him in a low voice, “Don’t, just give him some money.”

Xu Cheng calmed down. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

But the bodyguard stared at Lin Chuxue with eyes full of lust and greed.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Other people just need to give one million per person, cash or wire. But Mr. Xu, as someone that offended me before, I will give you two options. Either leave behind the share-transfer agreement you just won to exchange for your freedom or use it to exchange for your wife’s freedom.”

This was basically an unsolvable problem.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

If Xu Cheng picked his own freedom, then Lin Chuxue would become that bodyguard’s. But if Xu Cheng chose Lin Chuxue’s freedom, he would die and Lin Chuxue’s fate would still be in those people’s hands. 

The burly man beside the bodyguard said in a low voice to him, “The people here are all famous and powerful. We can kill the nobodies, but we can’t kill these rich tycoons, one death is enough to cause a big commotion. If this gets political, it will make it more difficult for us to take care of the aftermath.”

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