Chapter 547: Eerie (Part One)

After Xu Cheng’s punch went through his opponent’s body, he pulled his arm back as he looked at the guy’s face of disbelief. The Blackwater bodyguard was shocked yet he couldn’t utter a word with blood seeping out from his mouth.

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. “Do you know? Out of the 100 men that want to sleep with my woman, 99 of them have already died, and there’s still one left inside. Don’t worry, no one’s leaving tonight!”

When he pulled his fist out of the guy’s body, the bodyguard’s body collapsed onto his knees. 

The speed of this punch was just too fast, so fast that the mercenaries carrying guns on the deck were caught off guard and couldn’t even move a muscle in time. When they finally came back to their senses, their second-boss, who was the bodyguard, had already slowly fallen to the ground.

Then, they immediately began shooting at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng just flipped over the railing and dove straight into the sea like a carp. Against the ocean at night, the mercenaries on board immediately lost their target as they fire more shots blindly in that general direction.

The ship was sailing away, and normally, if someone were to jump ship, it would be impossible for them to climb back up because there was no ladder or anything to hang on to.

But, now that the second-boss of this operation was dead, the other mercenaries immediately ran back into the casino to report to the burly man inside. “Boss, Deere’s dead!”

“What did you say?” The burly man was shocked. “How did he die? Didn’t he just leave?” 

“That guy was too fast, he killed Deere! He already jumped into the ocean and disappeared.”

The burly man finally calmed down a bit. “Keep people watching the ocean surface, kill him and avenge Deere the moment he pops his head out.”

“Yes, if he dares to appear again, he will die for sure!”

With the loud ocean wind and the structure of the cruise ship, it was normal that the gunshots on deck weren’t heard in the casino. 

After Xu Cheng jumped into the ocean, he quickly took off his clothes and went invisible.

The time to reap had now officially begun! 

There was no ladder?

No worries, Xu Cheng just climbed up the side of the cruise ship like a gecko. Although there were many mercenaries on the deck watching the ocean surface, they didn’t know that Xu Cheng had already climbed back up.

There was a gust of wind when he walked past a sentry mercenary, but the mercenary just thought it was the ocean breeze, and he couldn’t see the Xu Cheng that was beside him already.

Plus, on the deck at night, the lighting wasn’t that bright. 

When Xu Cheng walked past him, he suddenly pulled out the dagger from the mercenary’s waist. He was so fast that the mercenary simply didn’t notice at all.

Xu Cheng wasn’t in a hurry to kill him, because this mercenary was in the visual field of the cruise’s video surveillance. Xu Cheng knew that there must be someone at the control center responsible for monitoring the whole situation. 

With the number of security cameras on the cruise, if it wasn’t for the fact that Xu Cheng could go invisible, it would be very difficult for anyone to roam around the ship without getting detected. This was also why it was important to bribe some staff members and the captain. If the pirates wanted to board the ship, they would be detected very easily the moment they appeared on radar, so the monitoring and control center that controlled the first line of defense must be bribed and under their control.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

There were two mercenaries now in control of the monitoring room. Xu Cheng wasn’t in a rush to take down anyone that he walked past because the moment he did, the people at the control center would be alerted.

Walking quietly like a cat, Xu Cheng entered the control room silently.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

At that time, the two mercenaries were talking with the sentry that had just lost his knife.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“That’s strange, I don’t know where my knife went. I’m pretty sure I had it just a moment ago, I paid 3k for that thing! Can you two check the surveillance and see where I lost it? Or check the places I’ve been to recently, it’s very important.”

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