Chapter 548: Massacre (Part One)

Xu Cheng was in the middle of reaping lives, and with more and more people disappearing, it wasn’t like no one was noticing it.

After all, they were on the same communication channel, and when one tried to reach another one but got no reply, the former would obviously feel suspicious and go and check on the latter.

After Xu Cheng killed the 90 or so soldiers that were responsible for looting, they obviously couldn’t give any status report on their mission to the others, and the other soldiers were on alert. Then, a team began coming into the bedroom area again, but Xu Cheng wouldn’t give them the chance to go into the rooms to discover the corpses. He was quick, and like a cat, he nimbly sped down the hallway without a sound. 

A dozen mercenaries that walked past him in the hallway didn’t detect anything, but when they felt that gust of wind blowing past them, it was like an invisible scythe, decapitating them swiftly before they could even react. 

Another squad was in the middle of communicating with them when they stopped hearing any responses again. By the time they got off of the elevator and were about to walk into the corridor, Xu Cheng had already turned off the lights to prevent the bodies and blood from being seen.

The new squad that came over shouted down the pitch-black corridor, but besides their own voices, they didn’t hear any voices replying to them.

From one of the rooms, Xu Cheng shouted in English, “Sh-t! Who turned off the lights? There’s something here!” 

Hearing the voice, the squad of 15 mercenaries felt reassured and continued walking, and they took out flashlights and turned on the red-dot laser on their weapons to help see.

But, just as they walked further in, the mercenary leading the way became a bit confused seeing that his red-dot laser couldn’t shoot into the distance, but was actually blocked in mid-air as if there was something invisible there. He exclaimed, “What’s wrong with my laser?”

But just as he said that, a dagger pierced through his throat in the dark.

Falling onto the ground, the others just saw him holding his throat as blood oozed out, and within a few seconds, he stopped moving.

The other guys immediately began panicking, but Xu Cheng didn’t give them the chance to do anything. In the pitch-black darkness, it was more than enough to slice all of their throats within a few seconds. 

The smell of blood on the carpet became even more pungent. 

There were just about 20 mercenaries left patrolling outside!

Xu Cheng picked up the radio from the dead body and shouted into it, “There’s a situation on the 7th floor’s bedroom area, I suspect it’s the security guards, they are armed, we need more reinforcements.”

The 20 or so mercenaries outside thought for a second and decided to group up and hurry over.

When they got to the pitch-black corridor, they knew there must be some survivors here, or the lights wouldn’t have been turned off.

The 20 of them walked down the corridor, trying to find the light switch. Xu Cheng already picked up two miniature Gatling guns and pointed them at the new arrivals. Just at the second they found the light switch and flipped it on, they saw the red carpet, dead bodies, and two Gatling guns floating in the air.


Dadadadadadada…(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The bullets fired relentlessly at those mercenaries, penetrating through them all no matter what type of armor they were wearing and blowing up big holes in their bodies.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Some soldiers in the rear immediately bent down and opened fire, and Xu Cheng didn’t bother dodging, just letting the bullets bounce off of his tortoise-shell-like defense. The dense bullets triggered sparks in the air as if they hit some metal. Xu Cheng ran out of bullets so he dropped the Gatling guns and charged towards them.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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