Chapter 548: Massacre (Part Two)

The remaining mercenaries only saw the sparks getting closer and closer, at last reaching them and breaking their joints and limbs.

The scene was very brutal and bloody. 

In the air, part of Xu Cheng’s body that was covered by a layer of blood was exposed to the air, and he just calmly walked out of the corridor and went back into one of the rooms to take a shower. Behind him, there were blood and body parts everywhere.

After a quick rinse, he walked towards the casino on the 6th floor and checked out the situation.

There were two mercenaries guarding the entrance, and about 50 inside surrounding the hostages. There were already 40 or so hostages that had already paid up and were dragged to the side.

Because wiring money takes some time as most needed to find their account and branch number and such, only 40 or so people have successfully paid the ransom after about half an hour.

Lin Chuxue and Haber’s wife were grouped together with the other rich ladies, and although Haber wasn’t anxious at first, he had now begun to panic. It was normal for kidnappers to kill hostages. After all, it was not hard to kill the hostages and sink the ship and leave no traces behind! That was what the pirates would usually do in the past, and now that these mercenaries had their identities exposed, it wouldn’t be possible to make the pirates their scapegoats anymore as long as the hostages were still alive. So, it became more probable that they didn’t want the hostages to get out of here alive now, and just during the process of paying the ransom, they already killed off 5 hostages. This was already breaking their initial promise, which meant that they are probably planning to take the second option, and that was to take the money and then kill everyone.

That burly man on the sofa smoking a cigar had been squinting his eyes and staring at Lin Chuxue in the crowd. 

Deere was dead, this woman’s man jumped into the ocean and ran, so now only he could enjoy this woman.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

From beginning to end, Lin Chuxue tried to make herself very calm, because she believed in Xu Cheng. They had already been through so much together, so she believed that Xu Cheng could take care of this situation. This kind of trust was the biggest reason she decided to follow Xu Cheng. She wanted to face all the hardships together with him, and she had already been prepared to go and live a crazy life with him, no matter what dangers she might face. This might only be because she wanted to see the same world as Xu Cheng, or maybe, it was for the so-called to have some common topic to chat about. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

She was a prideful woman, and since she decided to be Xu Cheng’s wife, she will let every aspect of Xu Cheng’s life accept her, and that included wanting to merge in Xu Cheng’s circle and accompanying him as the absolute madam of the house.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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