Chapter 549: My Man is Very Selfish (Part One)

This was also why Lin Chuxue didn’t want to be a vase, something with just looks and no substance.

As a prideful woman that had always wanted to be famous for her skills, what she hated the most was being a vase.

Over the years, Xu Cheng already did a lot for her and had also proved to her everything there was to prove.

Then now, it was time for her to make a change for Xu Cheng. She didn’t want to be a vase and a stumbling block beside her. She knew she couldn’t be as powerful as him, but she still aimed to be as strong as Xu Cheng mentally and be able to courageously face all the danger with Xu Cheng.

It doesn’t matter if the result was life or death!

It was all so that when those brothers of Xu Cheng called her “sis-in-law”, they were sincerely convinced!

So, right now, Lin Chuxue appeared as calm as ever.

And this kind of calmness won a ton of respect from the burly man.

This was just like an outlier finding another outlier among a sea of people; he was very excited. 

It’s like which otaku doesn’t want to have a goddess that has common interests with him and accompanies him to play games?

It was all the same logic. For someone in the mafia, they would hope to have a woman that was not afraid of death to be by their side and take on the world. As a mercenary, someone who was used to treating women as tools to vent their sexual urge, if he would one day meet a woman that was as calm as him in front of death, they would also want to have such a woman to accompany them on the journey with them.

This was also why Lin Chuxue wanted to integrate into Xu Cheng’s world. If she didn’t do that, then Xu Cheng’s circle and his brothers would n’t accept her at all in their hearts, including Luo Yi, Li Wei, Ye Xiu, and the others. Although they might appear to respect her very much, they wouldn’t be comfortable talking about everything in front of her. There would always be many topics that they wouldn’t be willing to talk to Xu Cheng about in front of her, and this, in fact, was a gap, a gap between two worlds. Xu Cheng might seem to be protecting her and not willing to let her get involved with things that ordinary people couldn’t deal with, but to Lin Chuxue, this was also a gap, and she hated it. That was why she wanted to change herself, she didn’t want anyone to think that he was just a beautiful but useless woman behind her man, especially not those in Xu Cheng’s circle.

Haber looked at her wife, and then looked at the calm Lin Chuxue, and in his heart, he couldn’t help but exclaim, These two are definitely from the same family. 

“Hey.” The burly man suddenly called out to Lin Chuxue, “Your man jumped into the sea and fled, do you know that?”

Lin Chuxue said to him, “There’s no such word in my man’s dictionary. He left his most precious possession here, so we won’t leave. If he left, then I will be leaving with him.”

“What a staunch woman.” The man smiled with interest. “But I like it. How about this, if you agree to be the madam of my mercenary group, I can let go of everyone here alive.”

Lin Chuxue smiled. “Doing this would make me seem like a grandiose woman, but that’s being unfaithful to my marriage and my husband. Do you think you will want an unfaithful woman like me?”

The burly man: “I obviously have my way of making my woman loyal. What do you guys think? Are you willing to exchange her freedom for all of your freedom? If you guys can convince her, then I can consider letting you guys go.”

At this time, Haber said in a deep voice, “No one has the right to force this lady.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

This was also his reminder to his compatriots to not get fooled by the mercenary. He promised Xu Cheng that he would protect Lin Chuxue, but now he’ was feeling how tempted the other guests were upon hearing this proposal.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

To hand over an irrelevant woman in exchange for their own freedom? Who would be against that?(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

At this moment, a rich man from Xinjiapo Nation tried to persuade Lin Chuxue, “This lady, how much do you want, you can just let us know. As long as you are willing to go with this gentleman, although it might not be fair for you, everyone here is willing to give you a lot of money to try and compensate. Really. Just tell us a number, we will contribute to fulfilling that amount.”

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