Chapter 55: Signing the Death Match

Xu Cheng replied, “I don’t know.”

The conservative estimate was that the gang leader was at the B-level, but who knows whether he will be a master among masters. Before actually exchanging a few moves, Xu Cheng indeed didn’t have the confidence to beat him.

After the director became silent for a while, he said to Xu Cheng, “Now, the police force will give you two choices. You can refuse to fight, and we will do everything we can to make sure you are safe from North Gate or any of the other Gates.”

Xu Cheng replied, “But North Gate will not disband, right?”

The director nodded. “Yes. It is a pity that this is the one chance we have to disband North Gate without any casualties, but we would never force a person to do something they are not confident in. I just called you over this time to ask how certain you are in the fight. If you are not, then you can choose to reject the match, and the police force will protect you.”

“I can’t reject it. Everything already happened, and I have to finish what I started,” Xu Cheng shook his head and said.

“But do you have the confidence?” The director looked at him.

Xu Cheng’s eyes firmly met with the directors and he replied, “I want to become the godly weapon, not the trouble.”

The director smiled, and then he took out an envelope.

“This is the challenge invitation the North Gate’s leader’s men sent to our HQ. Originally, no one was going to answer it. However, he was willing to put all his resources on the line and even be willing to personally disband North Gate if he loses. The city officials’ thought it was worth giving it a shot, but you still get the final say. Now, did you make up your mind already?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Director, the North Gate leader really has the influence to disband North Gate entirely?”

The director nodded. “This old man personally taught most of the big fighters and leaders in North Gate, who later went on to become core members of North Gate. No one had surpassed the Gate leader yet, and they were all his disciples, so he should have the influence.”

“Okay.” Xu Cheng immediately agreed. “I accept the invitation.”

The director pushed the envelope to him over the desk and said with a serious face, “If you made the decision, then sign on it. But it’s a deathmatch, so I shouldn’t have to remind you what the result will be if you lose, right?”

Xu Cheng thought for three seconds, and he directly picked up the pen and signed on the challenge invitation.

“Now, we still have to decide on when the fight will take place. How long do you need to prepare for it?” the director asked Xu Cheng.

He thought for a second and replied, “Three days.”

“You sure?”

Xu Cheng nodded. He needed three days to take a good assessment of the maximum potential of his body. That should be enough time to familiarize himself with what he was capable of.

“Alright, then we will return this challenge invitation on behalf of the Shangcheng police force to the people of North Gate. For the next three days, you just have to focus on training. I will let your bureau know. Also, if you need any training space or equipment, just let my assistant outside know, he will take care of it.”

Then, the director stood up, patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder, and said, “Try your best. Your police bureau might be too small of a place, but I can give the platform here at our HQ to you for you to do your thing.”

Xu Cheng smiled, nodded, and saluted. “Yes, Sir!”

Then, he walked out of his office.

After Xu Cheng left, the director picked up the phone and called his good buddy, the instructor at the Fifth Military Region.

“Hey, Xu Cheng accepted the match. Now, give me a definite answer, can he beat North Gate’s leader or not? You know Xu Cheng well, I don’t,” the director asked right away after the call connected.

On the other end of the line, the military region instructor started swearing and replied, “You really let him accept the fight? Old Liu, I told you to take good care of my student, yet you are f*cking pushing him into a pit!”

Director Liu bitterly smiled. “I’m also being forced… The city officials voted and everyone wants to utilize this opportunity to disband North Gate with the possibility of having no casualties. I didn’t force Xu Cheng, he agreed himself, and he already signed the thing. Now, tell me, what are the odds of him winning?”

“In the past, I would dare to say 100%, but now… I don’t mean to pour a bucket of cold water down your head, but…” Xu Cheng’s former instructor sighed. “This brat sure can’t behave, he’s stirring sh*t up right after coming out, does he really think he is still the Xu Cheng from before?!”

“There’s a problem with his current strength?” asked Director Liu.

“A big problem!” the instructor sighed. “ Before, his power was rated A by the national standard, but now it went down to C, just one level higher ordinary people, who are at D. You think he can beat the Gate leader?”

Director Liu’s eyelids twitched.

“Hey, Old Liu, why couldn’t you just help me out? I left him with you because I was feeling guilty towards him. To be honest, the people at the research lab said his strength wouldn’t be recovering. I couldn’t just tell Xu Cheng those things, so I felt guilty and just sent him to the big rich city Shangcheng hoping for him to get a decent job as compensation for his contribution to the army over the years. It’s been less than a month, and you are sending him into a death match?! Old Liu, if he doesn’t make it out then I’m taking my blade and coming over to chop your face off!”

Director Liu swallowed his saliva. “Holy f*ck, so you were lying to me! You told me you f*cking sent a godly weapon over, yo you f*ck! And I even stood in front of the whole city board committee and promoted this plan to let Xu Cheng single-handedly take down North Gate. Now, I pushed myself into a pit too.”

Instructor: “You deserve it! Sigh~ Since Xu Cheng already signed it, then we can only leave it up to fate to decide.”

During lunchtime at noon, Ran Jing heard someone coming into the cafeteria and starting a discussion, “Giving everyone an update. Just now, Xu Cheng came out of the director’s office. He accepted the invitation!”

Ran Jing’s eyes opened up wide, she put down her chopsticks and immediately walked out of the cafe.

Xu Cheng didn’t even get out of the building yet before Ran Jing caught up to him. “Do you feel that life is so boring that you need to court death this badly?”

Xu Cheng asked half-jokingly but half seriously, “How did you know?”

Ran Jing didn’t even know how to respond.

“To be honest, ever since the day my father died, it was like the end of the world for me. I would’ve lost the will to live a long time ago if it wasn’t because I wanted to seek some answers.”

He took out a box of cigarettes and lit one. Leaning against the wall, he said, “I was raised by a single father, and my family and the environment caused me to feel inferior and weak. Do you know why I joined the military?”

He then slowly continued, “Because I want to make myself stronger. I need to be stronger. So, in the military, I’ve been a soldier that likes to push myself to the limits. I’ve never let my instructor or comrades down before, and I hope my dad watching me from heaven would be proud of having a son like me.”

Then, he turned around and looked at Ran Jing. “Maybe I can make a miracle.”

This wasn’t just for Ran Jing, but for himself as well. After the defective serum was injected into his body and destroyed his future, who would’ve guessed that it would’ve given him other potentials.

Ran Jing didn’t say anything. Seeing the determined look and the perseverance in his eyes, she knew nothing she could say would convince him. Upon meeting his eyes, she was certain that no one would be able to convince Xu Cheng. But at the same time, she seemed to have been convinced by him instead.

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