Chapter 550: I Don’t Believe I Can’t Kill You (Part One)

The burly man laughed after hearing that.

“Then I want to give it a try, what will happen if I violate you?”

Lin Chuxue looked at the burly man and said firmly, “You will die!”

“Then I really can’t wait for your boyfriend to come and kill me. But, he already ran tonight, and no one knows if he can survive in the ocean. But I do want to see if he would come back and kill me just like you said?”

“He will.”

Just at the moment, the silent Haber chimed in abruptly, “She’s right. Her man usually only needs a simple reason to kill. I’ve seen him take out one of the big five Mexican Gangs – the Sonora Family. If you have eyes in the criminal underworld, then you would know what happened to them.”

“I’m not even afraid of the King of Mercenaries and dare to dwell in the Land of Mercenaries, you think I would be afraid of a yellow monkey? Could he be more legendary than Kush?”

Lin Chuxue: “With a few more stepping stones like you guys, he will become a legend.”

The burly man was beginning to lose his patience. “Tie this woman up and bring her to me, I’m going to violate her right now!”

Two stout soldiers directly walked over and pulled Lin Chuxue out from the crowd. 

Just at that moment, a mercenary among them, whose gun was pointed at the hostages, suddenly pointed his gun at the two people going over to catch Lin Chuxue, pumping a piece of lead into each of their heads!

Those two soldiers died on the spot.

The burly man and the other mercenaries were shocked. Upon realizing that the shots were fired by one of their own men, they were all furious.

That mercenary that felt his hand going out of control and fired the shots was immediately dumbfounded. Just as he wanted to explain, the burly captain directly took out his pistol and blew up his head!

“Fack! A mole!” he cursed, and then he went over and kicked the dead body a few times. He didn’t think anything fishy was going on.

He gestured for two other mercenaries to bring Lin Chuxue over.

The two dead mercenaries were dragged away, and two more went to tie up Lin Chuxue.

Just at that moment, the very same thing happened again! One of them that was closest to those two mercenaries suddenly pointed his rifle at those two mercenaries walking over and fired at the back of their heads.

Those two fell to the floor, and the soldier that fired the shot was dumbfounded. He instinctively shouted, “Boss, I didn’t do anything!”

“You didn’t? Then were those two shot dead by a ghost?!” The burly captain was furious and fired at that man.

At the same time, one of the mercenaries’ hands suddenly went out of control and he began spraying at his comrades. 

Each shot accurately took down a mercenary, and at that instant, 8 mercenaries fell to the ground. The other soldiers all aimed at that comrade that opened fire and shot at him until his body leaked like a sieve. 

After the soldier Xu Cheng was controlling was shot dead, he quietly lept over to the closest soldier and controlled his one arm and the other shoulder from behind.Just like before, he opened fire on the other mercenaries.


All the hostages were terrified as they got onto the floor and hugged their heads as they hid under tables.

Another 12 mercenaries were shot dead by their own comrade’s rifle.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The burly captain directly shot the guy in the head, and Xu Cheng also quietly left.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

28 people out of the 50 were already dead, and there were only 22 mercenaries left alive in this giant casino. They all looked at each other anxiously; at this instant, they didn’t trust anyone anymore.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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