Chapter 550: I Don’t Believe I Can’t Kill You (Part Two)

Some soldiers even pointed their guns at each other.

The burly captain shouted, “What are you guys doing?!”

He noticed that his men were all scared and were no longer trusting each other, as they all aimed their gun at each other, thinking that it would be best to kill than to be killed.

Of course, his shouting wouldn’t change anything.

Immediately, some of them were too flustered, and seeing other people pointing guns at them too, they subconsciously pulled the trigger. 

Immediately, there were 6 guys that fell to the ground right away at the sound of the gunshots. 

Xu Cheng didn’t control their arms at all, it was them that became too fearful.

The boss in fact also panicked. “Stop! Everyone, stop! Lower your guns, listen to me!”

The 16 remaining mercenaries nervously put their guns down slowly, yet they still gripped onto their guns tightly, ready to lift it back up and fire at any moment. 

The hostages that were hiding were also a bit dumbfounded. They didn’t know what happened but the people that should be kidnapping them suddenly began killing themselves, and more than half already died.

Immediately, some people instinctively looked over to Lin Chuxue, all thinking that it was because of the curse she just said.

Whoever hurts her would die?

Xu Cheng didn’t know his wife already put it out there, making everyone connect the seemingly-supernatural deaths to a curse protecting Lin Chuxue. 

The burly man directly picked up the radio and shouted to the mercenaries that should be patrolling outside, “Everyone, hurry the fack up and come gather at the casino!”

He shouted for a while, but three minutes passed, and he heard no reply nor saw anyone come in. 

The burly man’s bad feeling grew even stronger.

“Anyone hear me? Gather at the casino, we are retreating from the cruise!” he shouted at the mic again.

However, still, no one answered him. Five minutes have passed, none of the 150 mercenaries that were on post outside came in. 

Immediately, the remaining 16 soldiers began panicking even more.

At this time, one of the mercenary’s hands suddenly went out of his control, and he directly raised his gun at the burly captain.

The captain already couldn’t be more anxious. Seeing someone pointing a gun at him, he raised his gun at him as well.

Seeing his boss pointing a gun back at him, that mercenary’s pupils grew larger as he shouted, “No!”

Xu Cheng didn’t intend to pull the trigger and just wanted to scare the burly man. He wanted to play it slowly.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The head of the mercenary team indeed had good aim and fast reflexes. He immediately shot the soldier that was pointing the gun at him and angrily roared, “Who else is a mole?”

At that time, Xu Cheng already walked to another mercenary and suddenly patted him on the shoulder. That mercenary just slightly jerked his arm, and the sensitive boss immediately turned around and fired a shot at him!

“You too, want to kill me too? Sure, I will fulfill your wish!” The burly man walked over as if he had gone insane as he walked over and fired a few more shots at the guy’s dead body. He was clearly very fierce, and the expression on his face was grim.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

He was still not shaken by Lin Chuxue’s bizarre words, he didn’t believe in the curse. As an absolute atheist, he directly walked towards Xu Cheng with his gun aimed at her. “I don’t believe I can’t kill you!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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