Chapter 551: The Fear of the Unknown (Part One)

He rushed in front of Lin Chuxue.

Haber wanted to stop him but was mercilessly pulled to the side by him. Arriving before Lin Chuxue, the burly man pointed his gun at her head and said fiercely, “Don’t try to play supernatural with me! You want to die? Isn’t that simple? I will grant your wish!”

No one could see, but Xu Cheng’s palm was already reached out to block the front of Lin Chuxue’s forehead. 

As the burly man pulled the trigger, the bullet came out of the muzzle with a bam. Lin Chuxue subconsciously closed her eyes and frowned. A hint of determination in a frightened expression flashed past her face. She didn’t make any noise. She didn’t want to show her fear in front of death, but in fact, only she knew how scared she was, having a cold gun pointed at her head.

When she closed her eyes and everyone screamed in fear, the gun was just a meter away from her head. The bullet broke out from the barrel and was just about to reach her forehead, and in that split second, everyone thought her head would sway from the momentum brought by the bullet and she would fall backward.

But that bullet, it stopped just 2 cm from her forehead!

It just stopped in mid-air!

Everyone at the scene was shocked! They could clearly see that bullet suspended in the air, not moving!

The hostages all exclaimed, and that exclamation made Lin Chuxue shiver a bit. She opened her eyes in fear, as she was also a bit dumbfounded to find that the bullet didn’t arrive as she expected. Feeling her forehead, she noticed that there was no wound! Then, looking up, she saw the bullet hovering in the air above her eyes just a few centimeters away. 

Xu Cheng loosened his fingers, and the bullet dropped to the ground, making a metallic sound.

The burly captain was also in disbelief as his eyes widened and stared at all of this.

His lips were trembling, and his speech began to stutter. “Ho-how… is this possible?”

Just when he was hit hard mentally, his body was suddenly grabbed by Xu Cheng forcefully. The burly man noticed his arm and fingers were gripped onto by a domineering force that he couldn’t fight back against, and before he realized what was happening, his arm was already lifted up with his gun aiming at the remaining 13 subordinates of his. Then…

Bang bang bang bang…

The remaining six bullets in his pistol killed 6 of his subordinates on the spot.

The remaining 7 were shocked and they had no choice but to point their guns at their boss.

“No!” the captain shouted instinctively as his face lost color.

But, it was too late. The other 7 soldiers were so scared that their boss would kill them too, so for their own safety, they could only open fire on their boss. Panicking, they fired non-stop.

After a heavy session of spraying, the burly man’s body was already covered in holes. There were even a couple of shots on his face, and making “er” sounds, his mouth dripped blood nonstop.

With a blank expression, he fell to the ground.

The hostages were all scared too, just what were the pirates doing? Why were they killing each other? The other seven soldiers were all about to have a mental breakdown too. They didn’t know what happened to their comrades earlier when they began firing at their own guys, and in the end, even their boss began firing at them.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he ran out of bullets after six shots, the rest of them would probably have been killed too. So, they had no choice but to open fire for self-defense.

The seven survivors felt that everything that happened tonight was too creepy, and now, they even killed their boss. Now, they were in deep trouble.

“Hurry!” Then, some of the remaining mercenaries that sobered up quickly immediately pointed their guns at the hostages and shouted, “Give up all of your cash!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The other mercenaries all sobered up too. That was right, they could only run now.

“Yeah, hurry up and hand over your cash, or I’m pulling the trigger!” Some of them had bloodshot eyes, feeling that things were getting out of control. In fact, killing hostages or whatever wouldn’t make them panic, but the thing was, they killed their higher-up! They couldn’t go back to their mercenary organization at all after this, because according to the rules, this put them as no different than traitors.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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