Chapter 551: The Fear of the Unknown (Part Two)

Haber felt that they were beginning to lose their patience and calm, so he immediately tossed over his bag. He knew that these guys would really be fine with pulling the trigger right now, and all they really wanted right now was just some money to run away with.

Three of them went up to pick up the cash to stuff into a bag. Xu Cheng walked to one of the mercenaries that was near the back, picked up his gun, and directly opened fire!

Bang bang bang…

Three soldiers that were standing to his sides in the front were killed, and when the three that were picking up the cash turned around, they immediately got shot in the head. 

That soldier was dumbfounded!

It wasn’t him that pulled the trigger! He didn’t want to do it!

But, his hands didn’t seem to be in his control at all!

What made him even more terrified and made the hostages more confused was that the only remaining mercenary slowly raised his gun to point at his own jaw.

Everyone was shocked, not knowing what he was up to at all. 


But what made this whole thing more creepy was that the mercenary’s expression was filled with fear and reluctance. Judging from the veins popping out of his neck and head, it seemed like he was struggling and fighting against something. He desperately fought back with his left hand trying to pull on the right hand that was holding up the gun, but his left hand couldn’t even slow down the movement.

“No!” He felt his finger being forced to pull the trigger, and despair burst out from his eyes.

“NO!” he cried hysterically!


At the next second, the bullet pierced through his head from the bottom half of his jaw. 

Everyone’s heart suddenly skipped again. What happened tonight all made them feel the fear of the unknown. Many even began hugging each other on the floor and crying.

After all, 50 mercenaries died right in front of their eyes.

Lin Chuxue also looked at all of this blankly. To be honest, she felt really depressed, as she had never faced dead people right in front of her eyes, not to mention this many. The guy that was just in front of her pointing a gun at her was shot into a sieve, and at that moment, Lin Chuxue even forgot to move. 

At that moment, everyone’s attention focused onto her. No one dared to get close to her anymore.

Not long after, Xu Cheng got changed and pushed open the door and walked into the casino. 

Lin Chuxue’s legs gave in and she was about to fall onto the ground. Xu Cheng immediately rushed over and picked her up like a princess. Lin Chuxue really experienced too much tonight for her brain to digest, and the intense atmosphere was so suffocating that she temporarily passed out.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Before carrying her and leaving the casino, Xu Cheng said to Haber, “I’m done my job, you can have your guys take care of the rest.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Haber nodded with a dumbfounded expression. Seeming to be lost in thought, he said, “Shanling Group’s chief hacking his family to death, it’s the same play as tonight’s, right?”

Xu Cheng denied, “I don’t know. Maybe this ship is haunted.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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