Chapter 552: Half Angel, Half Devil (Part One)

When Lin Chuxue woke up, she saw Xu Cheng sitting by the window and accompanying her. 

She got up and hugged Xu Cheng around the neck, and Xu Cheng gently patted her soft back as he gently said, “It’s all fine now. I’ve never seen such a brave Chuxue.”

Lin Chuxue rested her head on his shoulder like a child and whispered, “But in the end, my legs still gave in and I fainted…”

Xu Cheng smiled. “It’s fine, you already took the first step forward.”

Lin Chuxue nodded and said in a soft voice, “Then would you like this kind of Chuxue?”

“Yeah, any Chuxue is fine.” Xu Cheng looked at her beautiful cheeks and said, “But I do like last night’s Chuxue more.”

Last night, she showed her absolute trust in Xu Cheng. She was able to keep her cool in the face of a grave danger and declare her position. He was happy that she was able to fully trust him and not worry about him at all, and what made him even happier was finding out that as he picked his path to take on the world, she was willing to accompany him courageously. He saw the changes Lin Chuxue had made to herself. For him, she was willing to leave behind everything to follow him.

“Are we back now?” Lin Chuxue asked.

Xu Cheng nodded. “Yeah.”

The cruise returned smoothly, and the Dubai police boarded the cruise and checked out the entire ship.

When they found that there were 50 mercenaries dead in the casino and that about 150 had died in the bedroom area outside, those guests on the cruise were so frightened that they didn’t even know how to forget about that night.

There was a fear in their hearts that couldn’t be explained, and no one could forget the strange and terrifying event that happened last night. Every member that had experienced it on board would not dare to set foot onto that ship again, because they had begun thinking it was haunted.

But, only Haber knew that all of those 200 mercenaries died from one person’s hands.

That person produced the perfect alibi by jumping into the ocean. 

All the rich and powerful figures on the boat that night collectively initiated a lawsuit against Blackwater, and they handed over the list of the mercenaries identified on the cruise to the court.

However, those mercenaries already resigned and disassociated themselves from Blackwater, so Blackwater didn’t have to handle this PR nightmare. Haber and the others were pretty helpless. After all, Blackwater was linked to the M Nation government, and they obviously wouldn’t accept this scandal.

When the Dubai police recorded the testimonies of the guests on board, they were all stupefied.

Almost everyone intentionally or unintentionally pointed their fingers at Lin Chuxue.

Almost every survivor said that it was Lin Chuxue that saved them.


“She seemed to know some kind of witchcraft. That night, all those mercenaries died after they tried to hurt her, especially that mercenary captain that was talking about violating her; his death was most gruesome. His body was shot through by dozens of bullets,” a Western lady said. 

“She was extremely calm that night, unlike everyone else. And then, a lot of mysterious things happened, and we don’t even know how they happened. I feel like, could this be the mysterious force of the East?” a Middle Eastern hostage said. 

“Don’t ask me, right now I still can’t forget what happened that night! They all went crazy, like they were possessed or something! They just started killing each other, it was terrifying!” an Asian billionaire recounted.

And when the police wanted to go and ask Lin Chuxue to come for the investigation, all the guests that were on board pressured the police not to.

They were truly scared, too scared. That sense of “whoever tries to hurt me will all die” had been haunting them since then like a nightmare, an unforgettable nightmare. 

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