Chapter 554: There Would Always Be a Fool That Will Buy (Part Two)

The elder of the Lee Family said with a smile, “Mr. Xu, we will take it for 14 billion dollars.”

Young Master Lee was dumbfounded. 

Xu Cheng smiled at him and said, “See? There would always be a fool that would buy, am I right?”

The elder of the Lee Family: “But 14 billion is not a small amount, I can’t take out as much right now. How about this, are you okay with us paying you in installments? For the first payment, we will do 5 billion.”

Xu Cheng faintly smiled. “I’m sorry, but given your Young Master Lee’s reliability, I deem the Lee Family’s credibility to be 0, so I can’t accept that. I don’t trust you.”

Young Master Lee was about to puke out blood.

“He is he, he can’t represent our Three-Star’s Lee Family.” The elder snorted, “We are willing to enter into this deal with you as the Three-Star corporation, and take the formal legal procedures. We can even let the media cover it to get the public to supervise so that there’s no chance we won’t pay you fully. But, I hope Mr. Xu can agree to one condition, and that is to note it in the contract that during this period, you cannot sell the remaining shares to other buyers.”

Xu Cheng thought that since he won 8.7 billion, got Young Master Lee to kowtow and apologize, and then was able to sell that 8.7 billion worth of shares for 14 billion, it was indeed a great deal. He didn’t give them any more difficulties.

“Alright, then let’s follow the legal procedure with my lawyer.” Xu Cheng stood up and was about to leave. Then, remembering something, he added, “Then you can add another condition in there. Just say, during the equity transfer period, Young Master Lee must pay attention to his behavior. If I’m unhappy, I can stop the transaction at any time.”

Although the elder was furious, he could only suppress his anger and comply, “Alright.”

Young Master Lee almost fell unconscious from anger.

Xu Cheng had Stenson take care of the rest.

After walking out, Haber’s assistant walked over, passed a phone to him, and said, “Mr. Xu, it’s done. I also took a picture of that young man kneeling to you.”

“Very good, thanks.” Xu Cheng took the phone with satisfaction and left.

“Hello, Boss.”

“In a bit, someone from the Three-Star Corporation will get in touch with you. They have 4% of their company’s shares in my hand, and there will be someone that will give you the equity transfer documents. Three-Star wants to buy them back, and they agreed to pay 14 billion. Just handle the procedures, they want to pay in installments,” Xu Cheng said. 

Stenson’s mouth was so wide open that it could fit an egg. “Boss, where did you get that many Three-Star Corporation’s shares? 14 billion?!”

Xu Cheng sighed. “Have no other options. I’m short on money these days. Alright, when returning the money to Saar and the others, just give them each 100 million as a show of my gratitude.”

Stenson nodded and said, “Alright, I will arrange it.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng: “Also, tell Caesar, after this contract is signed with Three-Star, hack the giant screen that Three Star owns at the Bang Square (TL note: equivalent to New York’s Time Square), and put some ambiguous caption related to sucking up to Huaxia. I will send you some photos in a bit to put on the giant screen.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

By then, when the scene of a senior exec at Three-Star kneeling in front of a Huaxia man gets exposed in Bang Nation, who knows what kind of hot water Three-Star would be in.

It was pretty interesting just thinking about it.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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