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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 555.2

Chapter 555: Entering the Land of Mercenary (Part Two)

Luo Yi awkwardly smiled. “About 80 people. Although it’s not many, they are all pretty reliable, and they are all pretty good fighters.”

Hearing this number, Xu Cheng was a bit speechless. “After so long, just 80? Doesn’t that mean that if I do my round of filtering, it will be even less?”

Luo Yi said, “The thing is, we haven’t won any battles yet, nor have we participated in any of them, so not many people have heard of us. If we can fight a few battles first and get some victories under our belt, then more people would come and join us. Big Brother Cheng, you were never here, so Li Wei and I could only focus on gathering intel. We are barely S level, so we didn’t want to risk anything, so we went the route of ‘pssying out and gathering info and resources first’. Big Brother Cheng, you don’t know this, but even if we expand our group to beyond 80, we don’t have sufficient management in place. Then, there’s the dilemma: we don’t have enough people to win battles, and without any battles won, we can’t attract any people.”

At this time, the drivers of the other 9 pickups which were the new recruits of Deviant Corp all used the break time to come over and say hello.

Luo Yi pointed at Xu Cheng and introduced to the others, “This is the founder of our Deviant Mercenary Corp, Li Wei’s and my boss!”

Xu Cheng shook hands with nine people of different nationalities. These guys then saluted Xu Cheng and said, “We’ve always heard Luo Yi talking about you, we finally got to meet you today. Now our Deviant Corp finally has a head, right?”

“Chris, Italian.” Luo Yi was about to introduce them all to Xu Cheng.

Chris interrupted him and said, “After entering the Land of Mercenaries, nationality is no longer important. Here, it doesn’t matter which country you are from, but it matters which camp you are from. Strictly speaking, when I made the choice to come here, my nationality was already canceled. Now, I’m one without nationality.”

Xu Cheng: “Very good. Chris, right? My surname is Xu.”

Chris reached out and shook hands with him. “Hello, Boss Xu.”

Luo Yi then introduced the others, “Kurt, Vala, Dusener, Chekosov, Zhang Xiu…”

Upon hearing the name Zhang Xiu and seeing his Asian face, Xu Cheng curiously asked, “Why did you come here?”

Zhang Xiu directly replied, “I killed someone, and was sentenced to life imprisonment! So I came here.”

Looking at these guys, Xu Cheng asked, “Who’s been here the longest?”

Chris raised his hand. “Me. Been here 9 years now.”

Xu Cheng asked, “Why didn’t you join the other mercenary camps but chose ours?”

Chris: “I would rather be the chicken head than a phoenix’s tail. I’m very experienced, but I don’t have money to make my own team, nor do I want to join any camps that are affiliated with a country’s government and become their tool. Over the years of roaming around, I was waiting for an opportunity. If a camp is willing to accept me into their management, with my experience, I can help lead the camp to a higher place.”

Xu Cheng smiled. Then, he looked at Zhang Xiu and the others and asked, “How about you guys? Why are you joining us?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Zhang Xiu laughed. “Can I say it’s for the Deviant Corp’s logo?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Someone else answered, “I’m just doing it for survival.”

Chekosov: “I’m here for money. Once I make enough, I can go back home.”

Vala from Thailand said, “I’m not going back. My family wants to sell me to a crime syndicate that makes men into shemales and enslaves them to make money. I’d rather die like a man than accept that life.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)


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  1. Mamamia

    It’s funny how Authors makes racist jokes against other nations but don’t remember that China have the most human trafficking in the world. They treat others that doesn’t like CCP like a slave to be harvested anytime.

    • noodletowntranslated

      oh damn, where did you hear that from? As someone that came from China, I actually think from the point of an ordinary citizen it’s actually a lot safer than most other countries. Maybe you can get a better idea about China after you visit it, and also understand the level fo security protocols that are in place already. E.g. my city has reached a record crime-solving efficiency of below one hour. There are cameras everywhere in public to track down literally any criminal activity.
      But it’s understandable u get that kind of skewed idea from the Western media. After all, capitalist countries don’t like other countries that don’t share the same value, as they would put money above all else, whereas China cares more about face and longetivity of the CCP, power and influence.
      Hence, drugs and trafficking is actually a much much much smaller problem in reality in China in comparison to the rest of the world, whereas corruption is a lot more prevalent in U.S. to allow drug and human trafficking to operate for a long time as long as the officials or the police gets a cut

    • noodletowntranslated

      but one thing u might be right is, CCP doesn’t like people that doesn’t like them lool, they want absolute authority. Just like how Trump openly disses any party or platform that goes against him. Except, CCP has the power to carry out what they want to do, but Trump doesnt.

      • Stonner sha

        You nailed it bro hahahaha

        • noodletowntranslated

          haha yeah the world’s pretty dark man, no country should act like they r saint, ESPECIALLY the US

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