Chapter 557: What a Manly Man (Part Two)

Luo Yi just smiled and didn’t reply as he continued to drive. When the cars drove to be a thousand meters away from the bandits, he stopped the car.

After the other trucks stopped too, Luo Yi said to the other mercenaries in the group, “Change the tires that were popped earlier.”

“Here? You aren’t scared that those bandits will catch up?” some people asked, a bit confused. They were still too close to the bandits right now.

Luo Yi didn’t respond, just watching the distance as the bandits surrounded a person in the middle. He said, “Prepare a car to go and pick him up after. Send two more people there along to pick up all of their guns.”

The other guys were quite confused and they stared off into the direction that Luo Yi was looking at.

Xu Cheng was completely surrounded by over 40 guys, and that meant, someone could shoot a bullet at the back of his head at any time. In this kind of situation, no one could escape from it at all.

“There’s probably one person that’s capable of being this kind of solo hero, and that would be the King of Mercenaries. If your boss dies, does that mean our Deviant Corp will be disbanded?” Chris asked Luo Yi, “Have you thought about letting me be the boss? Don’t worry, I can lead you guys to a better future.”
Luo Yi didn’t look at him but responded, “If you want to be the Deviant Corp’s boss, you are still not qualified. If it were you, in that kind of situation, what would you do?”

Chris: “Probably the same as him, trading life with those bandits’ boss. But, if I’m lucky, I could take down at least two people! Oh well, in this kind of situation, you could be shot full of holes in just one second. I would already be considered skilled enough to take down 2 before I die.”

Luo Yi looked into the distance and faintly said, “Those people will all die.”

“You are saying your boss can come out of that safe and sound?”

Luo Yi nodded. “Just wait and see.”

Just then, several gunshots sounded, accompanied by horses neighing and people screaming miserably.

But from Luo Yi and the others’ point of view, they could only see dust waves setting off. Several horses seemed to have had their legs sliced as they fell. There were gunshots constantly firing towards the center of the encirclement.

With the horses and people surrounding Xu Cheng, Luo Yi and the others couldn’t see Xu Cheng at all. But with more and more horses falling down and miserable cries one after another, after a full 3 minutes, there were several horses left that panickingly ran away.

Then, with everyone on the ground, there was just one left standing there.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Luo Yi saw it was pretty much over so he started the car and drove over. Chris and some other mercenaries jumped on.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

When they got to the scene, they saw that the 40 or so bodies formed a little pile, and Xu Cheng sat at the top of the pile, with a cigarette lit as he blew smoke gracefully. With the blowing gust of sand, his eyes were deep as ever.

So facking masculine.

This was the first time Chris and the others were deeply impressed by this boss of Deviant Corp.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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