Chapter 558: Disband? (Part One)

Noticing Chris and the others standing there in a daze, Luo Yi shoved them. “What are you guys waiting for? Hurry up and pick up the guns and ammunition.”

The roles suddenly reversed. The ones getting robbed were now doing the robbing, and they picked up almost all the things they could use and then left to regroup with the main fleet.

At that time, the other two cars were also done repairing.

They looked into the distance, and the place where the bandits once stood on horses was now just the barren sand; no one ever stood up again.

When the engineers saw Xu Cheng’s return, they all couldn’t help but feel a chill.

When driving, Lin Dong asked abruptly, “Those bandits…”

Chris was driving as he replied, “All dead.”

The engineers on his truck all shivered, not daring to say another word.

At this time, Chris didn’t even know how to feel. That capability was indeed approaching legendary. 

Would he still continue to stay here?

After a full day of driving, they finally arrived at the so-called territory that Luo Yi and the others were staying at.

When Xu Cheng arrived, all he saw were some clay houses, and the really run-down kind, some couldn’t even provide any cover anymore.

Mr. Hawking, who had already put on a skin mask, ran over to Xu Cheng angrily and shouted at him, “How the fack am I going to live now? Even if I don’t die from the endless war here, I will be tormented to death by the bad weather!”

“Be patient, right now we only have this as a base.” Xu Cheng bitterly smiled.

“What about the grand plans you were talking about?” Hawking scorned him. “And then? You are letting me live in this kind of sh-thole that’s even worse than just pitching a tent? Let me tell you, you better get me at least a decent house. I haven’t been able to enjoy much in my life before, I just recovered, and you are making me stay in the desert for the rest of my life? Then I rather go back and stay in my wheelchair.”

Then, after looking at the engineers, he continued on with Xu Cheng, “And these guys won’t get used to staying here either. You better get us somewhere better.”

Xu Cheng was also having a headache. Seeing Li Wei walking over to welcome him, he gave him a hug and then began scolding him, “This is the territory you guys talked about? How are we even going to sleep here? Why didn’t you find someone to renovate this place a bit?”

At this time, the experienced mercenary Chris said, “That’s the safest. The moment we renovate this place, we would be visited by refugees and bandits. There would even be other mercenaries that come to kill and loot. That would be the most dangerous situation. 

“Even if this is the case, the basic living conditions still need to be improved.” Looking at the surrounding ruins, Xu Cheng subconsciously asked Luo Yi, “Who’s the leader of the nearest camp around us that has a decent city?”

Luo Yi said, “It’s the Falcon mercenary clan, ranked 35 on the world ladder with about 300 members. Their territory has a city that could accommodate about 200 people.”

Xu Cheng glanced at Li Wei and Luo Yi. “They have 300 people and you guys are already scared?”

Li Wei said, “They are in an alliance with the Grizzly Mercenary Corp, and behind Grizzly is the R Nation. In fact, Falcon is just responsible for finding crude oil for Grizzly. If it weren’t for Grizzly, we would have been thinking about doing something.”

“Scouting for crude oil?” Xu Cheng’s eyes lit up. “Then that means, they have a lot of drilling equipment?” 

Xu Cheng was quite delighted. They were just in need of drilling equipment and couldn’t import them from outside, but now that problem has been resolved. Looking around at the members around him, he said, “Who dares to go with me?”

The others all looked at each other in silence. Luo Yi and Li Wei obviously came forward without a word to support Xu Cheng.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Chris and the others thought about it, and some also came forward.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The other guys thought these guys had gone crazy. “That’s the Grizzly’s minion! What’s the difference between going up against them and committing suicide? We are indeed outlaws that aren’t afraid of death, but we don’t want to die that early.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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