Chapter 558: Disband? (Part Two)

This guy wasn’t being unreasonable, but he was also finding excuses for his cowardness.

Xu Cheng said, “Today, I will just declare war against them. This would’ve happened sooner or later. In the future, if we want to expand, we would fight them sooner or later. It’s very normal. If you guys are scared, you can each come forward and get 30 thousand dollars and leave.”

Those guys looked at each other. Some people decided to take the out and walked over. “Give me money, I will leave.”

Li Wei went over to the safe and took out a lot of cash. After one person came forward, many others also followed.

In the end, there were just 30 or so people left that chose to come forward for Xu Cheng. They all looked at each other awkwardly, and Hawking found it hilarious. He laughed. “This is the gap between ideology and reality, you know now? Brat, there’s a big difference between saying something and doing something.”

After just the first time of probing these 80 people, already more than 40 left. It was indeed a bit demoralizing.

Li Wei and Luo Yi bitterly smiled, feeling that they didn’t do a good enough job.

“Big Brother Cheng…” Seeing Xu Cheng not say anything, the two of them felt something was wrong.

On the side, Chris shrugged his shoulders and said, “Great, even less people. Are we still going to Falcon’s territory?”

“Yes!” Xu Cheng said immediately. “Why not?”

“Are you crazy? The boss of Falcon is at the S-level, and his several confidantes are at least at the A-level. What can we do against them?”

“Then are you being a coward?’ Xu Cheng turned around and looked at Chris and asked, “Let me tell you, it would be far from your turn to be the boss here. I don’t like people pointing fingers at what I do. If I say go south, then we are going south. You either obey, or you get the fack out, or. Die.”

Chris looked right into Xu Cheng’s eyes and said, “When I first ventured into this field, you were still probably in school. Let me tell you, just with my 8 plus years of experience here, I’m more than capable enough to help everyone here gain a foothold in this land.”

“Who doesn’t know how to be a p-ssy-azz turtle?” Xu Cheng looked around at everyone and sneered contemptuously. “You know why you guys ended up joining our camp and couldn’t get a foothold or be valued at other camps? Don’t pull out some excuses from your azz, it all comes down to you guys not having big enough balls. Since you are already on this land, then just give it your all and thrive or die, but don’t live like useless pieces of trash! My bro told me that they found a group of people that are pretty good and pretty reliable, and I was quite pleased. But today, all I can see from you guys can only be described with a few words, and that is, you’d rather live like a coward forever than to live like a man for a few days. Right, if it’s about survival, then you guys are all cockroaches, all unkillable. But please remember, this is the Land of Mercenaries, the capable ones live a lavish life, but the incapable cowards could only roam around and wander aimlessly all day while bragging. We are just going up against some 2nd tier mercenary group with a couple hundred people and you guys are already scared sh-tless, then if we are up against some real deals in this land in the future, wouldn’t you have already packed up and ran before the enemies even got close? Do you guys even feel qualified to call yourselves mercenaries? I don’t feel any hot blood in you. Today, when those bandits surrounded us, I saw all of you wanted to hide in the pickup truck and not come out. Chris, including you. You were tightly holding onto the steering wheel. Your intention was, if a fight were to break out, you would start the engine and drive off as fast as you can. There’s no need to hide those details, you can’t hide them from me.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Chris became a bit angry out of embarrassment and said as he looked at Xu Cheng, “So what?”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Xu Cheng directly said to him, “Then my Deviant Corp doesn’t need trash like you. I want people that can one day become a pillar alone, we would only have more and more territory in the future.”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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