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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 560.1

Chapter 560: Night Attack (Part One)

– At night – 

Xu Cheng and his party were sitting at the back of the pickup as Lin Dong drove. This brat did a crap ton of car-racing back in the days, and now it was his time to shine. Tonight, he would also be responsible for picking them up, as well as leading the fleet of drivers to transfer the engineers over to the new territory after they conquered it.

The world of mercenaries was quite complex.

On the surface, in fact, this was no less than the battlefield of the Third World War, because every year, many countries would airdrop their special forces here for military drills, doing mass-scale war training with live rounds. In the process, for one, they could kill the outlaws that escaped to this place from their former countries, and secondly, they could show off their nation’s current level of military.

They would never treat the lives of the mercenaries that dwell here as actual human lives.

After all, the people here usually didn’t have a national identity anymore. It was very chaotic, and there were countless big or small mercenaries, that were in fact, just trying to group up to better protect themselves. This was also why Luo Yi said they should win a few wars to get their name out there, and then there would be more people coming over to join them for their own safety’s sake.

Every year’s military exercise was like winter for those mercenaries or criminals that couldn’t find someone big to group up with. They would have to try to survive year after year, and if they couldn’t protect themselves, they would just be killed during the military exercises like prey being shot down by hunters.

So, more and more people tried to group up and merge together smaller teams, and thus it became like this, where the competition increased as each tried to assert their own dominance in order to attract more talented people into joining.

This was also why not even the King of Mercenaries – Kush, dared to unify this palace. To be frank, this was a public place, a playground for all the powerful nations to train and exercise. Even if Kush were to try unifying and declaring to the world that this was now a nation, those big powerful countries wouldn’t even take it seriously, and they would continue sending their armies in under all kinds of righteous reasons like “pursuing rogue criminals” to try and clean up. In the end, they would still come in and out like this place was their own backyard.

So, no matter how powerful Kush was, he wouldn’t be able to do anything in front of all the superpowers in the world, and he would have to worry 24/7, being terrified of some special forces trying to pull some “beheading” operation to assassinate him first.

This was also why when Xu Cheng had that bold idea, almost no one thought it was achievable. People all thought he went crazy, including Old Grandpa Ye who knew him well.

Luo Yi and Li Wei also didn’t really believe that it could be done, but they liked this kind of thing; they wanted to go back to the “Three Swordsmen” kind of life from back in the day when they fought side-by-side.

The Falcon Mercenary Corp was mainly formed by a group of fugitives from the R Nation, but they were later taken under the wings of the R Nation. Falcon would be provided all the resources, but these guys must help the R Nation government look for crude oil here in the Land of Mercenaries. There would also be some big characters from the R Nation that contract them to help find mineral reserves and diamonds.

Besides the almost inexhaustible amount of crude oil here at the Land of Mercenaries, there was also an abundant amount of minerals, including the world-famous colored diamonds.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

So, it wasn’t surprising that the Falcon Mercenaries had large-scale machinery for drilling and mining. It was probably delivered by the R Nation. Xu Cheng also wanted to have the equipment delivered, but it was very difficult to find a way to get them into the land. It was almost impossible to transport by air without a fighter jet escort, and if by land, it would also be too eye-catching and dangerous as they would most likely run into bandits again. When you didn’t have enough influence in this land, it was very difficult to transport things here.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

The city Falcon occupied wasn’t bad, as it even had greeneries. It was a thousand times better than Xu Cheng’s dirt houses in the desert. Seeing that there were trees and actually decent houses, the desire for Xu Cheng to conquer this land became stronger.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)


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  1. DTheGreat

    I dont understand which area is meant by land of mercenaries? Obviously the middle east (I guess) but if he wants to create a country, there has to be a comparison to our (real) world like syria or so. Anybody has an answer? ^^

    • Devon Schierbeck

      Yeah I’m totally lost on some of these I didn’t know what m nation was until Harvard was mentioned

      • noodletowntranslated

        LOOOL yeah in the end i just gave up. too many things to change

      • Divinechaotic

        M nation is America(Mei Guo)
        Land of Mercenaries is Africa(Warlords and s--t)

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