Chapter 561: Night Bright as Day (Part One)

A gunshot broke the silence on the desert, as if reviving the cells of the other Deviant Corp Members, causing them to focus 200%. 

The city behind the big dirt wall also boiled at the sound of the gunshot. 

Suddenly, the second boss of the Falcon Clan that was on the table playing cards suddenly stopped his movement, his hand in the air froze as he was about to put down a card. The members at the table saw a big bloody hole on his forehead, and they immediately panicked and shouted.

“Enemy attack!”

They immediately got under the table as others scrambled for cover.

Xu Cheng wasn’t in a rush to hit those people, instead, he swiftly locked onto the other four core members of the Falcon Clan. Then, a gunshot was heard once every two seconds.


Another shot was fired. The fifth boss’s head was directly penetrated by Xu Cheng’s bullet.


The third boss that was standing at the top of a wooden house directly fell off the ladder as he scrambled to climb down. He fell brutally on his back, puking out blood.

Then, Xu Cheng took another shot at his forehead, securing the kill. 

Immediately after, Xu Cheng locked onto the sprinting fourth boss. Many people watched as the fourth boss was performing the “fast as fk boi” action as a bullet intercepted him mid-run. Then, he fell onto the ground like a log and never got up again, with blood splattering everywhere.

The big boss of the Falcon Clan obviously heard the commotion and gunshots outside, and he immediately shouted, “What’s going now?”

The sentry at the top of the wall saw Xu Cheng’s direction and he immediately sounded the whistle and shouted, “East, 25 of the city, sniper, one kilometer out!”

A team of soldiers immediately jumped onto their pickup trucks, and then, the gate opened as a fleet of five immediately charged out.

Xu Cheng said to Luo Yi and the others, “Five cars are coming in my direction to find me. Cover me.”

“Alright!” Luo Yi couldn’t be more excited. He had been waiting for this moment.

“Boys! Ready up!”

As soon as the five pickup trucks came close, Mario and the others became very excited.

“Here they come!”

Luo Yi said in a deep voice, “Fire!”


A bullet rain suddenly came out from the hillside, greeting the five pickup trucks right in the face.

Finally, the firearms Xu Cheng purchased from Huaxia came to use.

Dense bullet holes appeared on the pickup trucks, and those were large-caliber bullet heads! People fell from the car as they were shot. Some people instinctively jumped off the car, but with 8 people greeting you with 8 machine guns, it really didn’t matter how you wanted to dodge. All the windows shattered, and the drivers were killed on the spot. 

As for Xu Cheng, he was still reaping lives on the other side of the dirt wall.

Every shot was fatal.

The thirty or so people that chased out of the gate never returned.

Xu Cheng directly shot down the sentries at high-altitude. There were about four in total on all corners, and since they were on the wall, it was quite easy to get them.

Many people realized where the sniper shots were coming from and they began shooting in that direction. But, Xu Cheng was using a sniper, and its range covered over a kilometer. How could ordinary mercenaries’ rifles and pistols cover such a distance? Even when their bullets arrived, that accuracy and power were already useless. Even if the bullets were to hit Xu Cheng, it would be like tickling.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

So, he didn’t even bother dodging.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“Boss, hurry up and hide! What the fack is going on? What kind of marksmanship is this? One-shot one kill? Is it some new technology? We are still not clear which force is attacking us, but the other four bosses all died!” Some people immediately came to report to the big boss of the Falcon Clan.(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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