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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 561.2

Chapter 561: Night Bright as Day (Part Two)

Xu Cheng was originally locked onto the big boss of the Falcon Clan, but who knew he would immediately be surrounded by a dozen people protecting him.

The big boss’s face immediately changed as he yelled, “Go and facking get them! I’m going to kill them! Who dared to play like us with us?!”

Just as he shouted, the soldier blocking in front of him was shot in the head.

Blood directly splattered onto the face of the big boss, making him dumbfounded for a brief moment. Then, realizing that he was exposed now, he immediately turned around and ran back into the house.

The other guys immediately tried to block Xu Cheng’s view.

“Damn, these targets, you all want to die, right?” Seeing this, Xu Cheng was a bit annoyed.

Immediately, he just went through his bullets and mercilessly killed everyone that blocked his way.

After Xu Cheng used about 80 bullets and killed more than 70 people, the people inside were in complete panic mode, all rushing for cover.

The boss directly shouted, “Turn off all the lights!”

The others immediately did, and some brave soul even wanted to run out to turn off the street lights. But, in the middle of him running out onto the streets, Xu Cheng precisely shot him in the head as if he had an auto-aim system on.

This scene shocked everyone that witnessed it behind their covers.

What was that? Lucky?

When someone was sprinting that fast dashing out of cover, even a sniper’s scope couldn’t follow their figure, not to mention the person’s hand speed and reflex. This was also why snipers were only good for covering and assassinating.

But, just now, someone got headshot as he was sprinting.

“Who’s closest to the main switch? Turn it off! If this keeps on going, we won’t be able to fight back at all!” the big boss shouted at the soldiers hiding behind covers and not daring to pop their head out.

There were four people closest to the main switch. 

“Let’s all go together?”

The other three nodded. “Alright, together.”

The four of them reached an agreement.

Their movement was completely exposed in Xu Cheng’s eyes. He didn’t shoot only because his bullets couldn’t go through walls.

The whole city was indeed lit up under street lights and house lights, and Xu Cheng was in the dark. So, it did place Falcon at a disadvantage. With the amount of shots already fired and the rate it was shot at, it clearly seemed to be a group of snipers. After all, how could this have been done by just one person?

Just at the instant the four of them popped out of the wall together, the already-quieted-down night had its silence broken again by four gunshots.

The four running guys were shot down one after another before they could reach the switch. They fell as they were still running, and blood began seeping out from their heads.

At this time, another person ran out from the corner, and Xu Cheng immediately fired a shot at his head.

But, he was actually providing cover for someone else. On the other side, there was already another person that ran to the main switch, shutting it down and making the whole city sink into darkness.

The boss finally let out a sigh of relief. “Ready up, prepare the cars and guns, we are going out! We will see just who was facking with us! And no matter who it is, we will kill them all!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

Seeing the city sink into darkness, Xu Cheng smiled. (read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

“The dark night can’t stop my cat-gene night vision. Plus the penetrating vision, the night is as bright as day!”(read on noodletowntranslated dot com to support the actual translators)

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